Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lust List April: Combining My Weaknesses

So. Hi.

Another month has passed. The days leading up to summer have flown by so fast. Though I have thought, at times, that I would die in anticipation of this fabled season, here I am, having just returned from my lawn, where I sat in the sun all day. Wasn't it winter just a month ago? I feel as if I have missed something, as if everything is slipping away from me at warped speed.

Has my life run off without me?

My final exams start next week. I'm not particularly nervous, but I feel a bit melancholic at the thought. Just yesterday, I had my last math class of middle school. Ever. It's strange, looking around at my classmates, thinking of how we're all going to be scattered to the winds in just a few months. I have to stop myself from thinking: "It'll be great to see them after the summer vacation," or "I wonder if we'll have the same teachers," or just "I'm stuck with these guys, I might as well love them,". Because we won't be a class anymore. I will no longer be Caroline from 9.b, who goes to Skovshoved School. I will no longer be one of the eldest students, I will no longer know my classmates in and out, and I will no longer know, what role I play. And that frightens me. But it also excites me.

After this summer, I won't be the same person anymore. I will be new, somehow, yet still me. I'll be with a lot of other people, and it'll be strange at first, I bet. But also awesome. And if I get to go to the school I want, Aurehøj, I'll be more than happy.

Still, summer isn't all about exams, new schools, and nerves. I love summer, and that love isn't diminished in any way by my current situation. No, as soon as I saw the first rays of tell-tale sunshine, I knew that summer was headed our way. And I of course grabbed the opportunity to get some sun, wear shorts, and pick up a hint of a tan.

I love summer. And I love summer clothes. And therefore, this month's Lust List shall not be forgotton, even though I am a little stressed out.

I know that I go against all laws of nature by proclaiming, that the Color Block fashion simply scares me. I hate it. Sorry, it's just not for me. I like a bit of color once in a while, and I must admit that I have a soft spot for patterns, particularly if they involve flowers. Blue is also a common visitor in my wardrobe, and my nails are always painted colorfully. But that's as far as my love for colored clothing goes. I prefer simple colors, nuances, and black/white/grey-tones.

I must also admit, that I'm a huge fan of the all-black look. The "white out"-look that has also been predicted popular this summer also tickles my fancy. If I were flawlessly stylish, I would wear all black, all day, all year around. But I'm not. I always manage to sneak in some white, grey and blue.

While I'm already divulging my clothing-based sins, I must confess that I have a weakness for certain articles of clothing: Doc Marten's, sheer white or black shirts, fringed shorts, sweatpants, black leather jackets, blazers of all shapes and sizes, denim shirts, playsuits, round sunglasses, over-knee socks, comfy long-sleeved shirts, skinny black jeans, clunky high-heeled shoes, and all things with the word "New York" on it. By combining these random favorites of mine, I try to reach some definition of style: my own.

Here's my Lust List for April.

 L U S T    L I S T    A P R I L

S H O R T S 

Fringed shorts from Chloé, Net à Porter and Polyvore
There's nothing that goes better with a bikini, ice-cream, sunglasses and lying around in the sun, than fringed shorts. Worn with a tan and a big smile, these babies are big winners in my book. They have a very "I just threw something on, but I still look amazing, no big deal"-ish feel to them. Gotta love.
Dark grey sweatshorts from Topshop
Another thing I love, is being comfortable. Which, in my case, often includes wearing sweatpants. And in the summer, what better solution is there, than simply wearing sweatshorts? These hotpants from Topshop look particularly comfy.

Black fringe shorts from Levi's
What better way to solve your urgent need for an outfit with an edge, that doesn't inflict massive amounts of pain, than a pair of black fringed Levi's? I love classics like Doc Marten's, denim shirts, and Levi's shorts. Why not add a black, fringed pair to my collection?

Destroyed blue shorts from Levi's
Aha. Yet another pair of fringed Levi's. What do you know. How did they get on here? I guess I'm just a sucker for these babies. Love the destroyed patches on the front of the shorts.

Folded-up boyfriend shorts from Levi's
Honestly, I already own a pair of fold-up boyfriend shorts. They look almost exactly like these. But I put them on the Lust List for good measure, anyway. They're a must for this summer. Love 'em.

Stars and Stripes-shorts from Topshop
I have already had a Stars and Stripes-shirt on here. So why not go all the way, and add a pair of shorts to my growing pile of lusts? There's something about the light color-combination that has me hooked. Worn, as always, with a tan and a smile, and I'm sold.

White shirt from Modekungen with white linen shorts from Topshop
Yes, yes I know that the shirt is, in fact, not a pair of shorts, funny enough. I just thought that these white linen shorts from Topshop couldn't possibly be worn with anything but a white shirt! Perhaps a denim shirt might work as well, or a casual tank-top. But these two suit each other exeptionally well, I must say. Just perfect for a warm spring day!


Shirt with bird pattern from Modekungen
Welcome to gallery Modekungen! While browsing for shirts, I fell over Modekungen's website. I thought that it couldn't hurt me to just look. This fatal mistake resulted in me spending a couple of hours devouring their shirts with my hungry eyes. I guess I felt a bit starved for shirts. Which is how I stumbled upon this extremely cute shirt with a bluebird pattern. Very, very cute.

Denim shirts from Modekungen
Continuing Gallery Modekungen, and my hunt for shirts, I found these three differently styled denim shirts, and immediately fell in love with all three. I cannot fathom why I don't already have a couple hundred denim shirts already, since I love them so much. My favorite one is probably the light one in the middle.

"Raglan" long-sleeved shirt from American Apparel
Favorite style of long-sleeved shirt of all time. I love this cut, and it even suits the shape of my body really well. This is a plus, since I have a tendency to love all things meant for people that are 3 metres tall. But this shirt is both comfy, plain, and pretty. I'm a fan.

Open-shouldered shirt from Modekungen
Gallery Modekungen continues with this lovely open-shouldered version of the black shirt. As I expressed before, I have a love for showing off neck, back, and shoulders. I also love shirts, particularly this silk-like kind. Why not combine the two?

Black and white loose knit sweaters from Modekungen
My most common challenge when wearing knit sweaters, is trying to look like something else than a pile of yarn. With this slightly grunge-style sweater, I just think my problem might be solved. I just hope it's not scratchy.

Black, cream and white shirts from Modekungen
This is another favorite of mine: the loose shirt. This model seems to be cotton, which I'm very fond of. It looks both soft and elegant. Modekungen is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop. Damn those Swedes...

 "Tiggy" shirt from Reiss
Yet another version of the silky, sheer shirt. Though this particular model looks as if it's made in a slightly different fabric. My favorite is definitely the blue shirt in the middle.

 Sheer cream shirt from Modekungen
I'm sorry to say that this is not the last sheer white shirt on my list. Nor the last piece of clothing from Modekungen. But let me tell you, I love both. The good thing about this particular shirt, is that it's not too yellow, and not too white. It's just the perfect amount of cream.

Cream shirt with cat-pattern from Topshop
So cute! Shirts like these, cute and with a twist, really get me. Love the cats.

Long-sleeved shirt from Topshop
I have told you about my love for comfy clothing. Therefore, it will probably come as no surprise to you, that yet another comfy grey shirt has made it onto my list. I don't have very many long-sleeved shirts, particularly not the comfy kind, so this grey shirt just beckons to me: "Caroline! Look how soft I am!"

Sheer white shirt with cape from Modekungen
Remember what I said: it wasn't the last of the sheer white shirts. But this one is different! Did the other one have a cape? I don't think so. I think this would look really cool with black, tight office-style pants, or a pair of fringed shorts. 

"New York" sweatshirt from Modekungen
Nothing fits my personality better, than a comfy grey sweater with "New York" written on it. Here, my nearly manic obsession with New York can be portrayed in comfyness. Yes, please.

Short-sleeved sheer white shirt from Urban Outfitters
Last sheer white shirt of the day, I promise! I have a newly developed love for short-sleeved shirts, particularly the sheer ones. Don't you love how this one looks so casual, yet so elegant?

D R E S S E S    A N D    P L A Y S U I T S
Grey, blue and black dresses from Modekungen
I can almost feel myself slipping into this comfy dress, just by looking at it. Again, Modekungen surprises me pleasantly. I really like the looks of these three dresses. They look ultra comfy.

Tan playsuit from Topshop
Love this relaxed playsuit. Very effortless, very chic. Looks pretty comfortable, as well.

Long t-shirt dresses in black and white from Modekungen
If I were 3 metres tall...
Playsuit from Topshop
Drool. I don't know, comfortability is becoming the theme of my clothes atm. Not sure whether this is a good thing, or not. But I gotta love this plain, black playsuit. The no-straps-factor also has an effect on me, I must say: there's something very elegant about a bare, female set of shoulders. Am I right?


An introduction to each individual bikini is perhaps a bit much, I thought. So here comes a general statement:

I'm a fan of the cute binikinis from Topshop and Urban Outfitters. The patterns and colors are really sweet, and would hopefully make me look like a cute little girl. Since I am not exactly the essence of curvy, maybe "little girl in pink bikini" is a better approach for me than "big breasted girl no. 576".

What I'm really looking for is a black, strapless bikini. I found one that seems pretty perfect. Now all there's left to do is buy it! But still. I'd love to have a bit to choose from. And it's always nice to see what's out there.

Black and white bikinis from Cheap Monday

Black bikini from Princesse Tam.Tam

Black patterned bikini from Princesse Tam.Tam

Patterned bikinis, bandeau and underwire, all from Topshop

Bandeau-style dotted and flowered bikini from Urban Outfitters

Rose-patterned bikini with underwire top from Urban Outfitters

Dotted black bikini with mini-skirt from Urban Outfitters


 Black leather purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs
OMFG, drool. I can't really start describing this beautiful black leather purse. I'll end up rambling for a couple hundred pages. It's just so wonderfully black, and elegantly simple. I'm in love.
Black round sunglasses from Cheap Monday
I'm on a quest for a pair of big, round sunglasses. On my journey for said sunglasses, I have tried numerous pairs. This particular plain black model from Cheap Monday is definitely an option, seeing as they don't make me look like a bug. I like 'em.

Blue, white leopard, leopard and black Underground Creepers
When my best friend, Male, had the good grace to love these Creepers a couple years back, way before they became ultra-fash, I could only shake my head in amazement. But now, I have to concur. I love them. The exact same thing happened with my Doc Marten's: at first, I hated them. I thought they were clunky and clownlike, and I could never imagine wearing them. But then, like the Creepers, they grew on me, and I fell in love. And now, I'm head over Doc Marten's heels. Will it be the same with the Creepers?

Low black Doctor Marten's
As stated before, I'm already head over Doc Marten's heels in love with my own, taller pair. I used to hate the low-tops. But then, somehow, my opinion changed. I saw a girl wearing them on the street a while back, and I think that's what changed me. She just looked so stylish in them that I though, "Hm, they really aren't that bad". Now, well, I'm reluctant to say that I like them.

Wooden clog-style sandals from Topshop
Okay, I know. They're clogs. But seriously. They're adorable! I've seen a lot of completley horrible clog-style sandals. But this particular pair from Topshop seems more than bearable, in my eyes. I don't know if I could ever wear them myself, but I kind of like them. And of course, they get bonus points from me for being plateau and high-heeled.

Ribbed grey socks with fringe from Urban Outfitters
So cute! I don't know, I have something for fringes. Now, if you wore these with brogues or another male-type shoe, it would look completely adorable!

Blue brogues for men with black details from Viktor and Rolff
Found these on Polyvore, and immediately fell in love. They're so awesome! They're for men, though. But perhaps, if you got a small enough size, they would work. And with the fringed socks above, oh, how cute!


Well, that's all for now, folks. I managed to finish my Lust List before the month ran out! I promise I'll finish it in better time in May.  I hope that you enjoyed the clothes and other fun stuff, that I found.

Here's hoping that I can discipline myself a little more, and perhaps save up enough money to actually buy some of this stuff! Will let you know about my progress in said area.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Still loving on the creepers hahaha :D
    // Sophie

  2. Naturligvis. Hvad kan jeg sige, det er begyndt at smitte af på mig ;)

    - Carrie