Thursday, December 30, 2010

In The USA

So. Hi.

Everything's great, obviously (apart from the fact that I am writing from my Grandma's surprisingly new computer, which has an American keyboard, so I'm messing up my writing a lot) since we're still in the middle of the Christmas holidays. This is just a quick update, since I'm sadly lacking my own computer, and thereby all my pictures and so on.

I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ, and it's about 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside -- it has been much warmer the other days. I arrived here December 22nd, as planned, with surprisingly little delay! I was envisioning massive hords of people lying on the floor of Heathrow Airport when I got there, but no, everything was fine, and our plane took off after about 2 hours of waiting. Which is good, judging by the fact that a lot of other people had to wait 2 days to leave. So.... thanks!!!!!!

My Christmas vacation is great so far -- it's been over 70 degress Fahrenheit most of the time, so I've been sun-bathing, swimming at the luxurious hotel The Biltmore, and eating all kinds of yummie Christmas stuff at the same time. The combination of bikini's and eggnog never seemed obvious to me -- neither did Christmas lights and shorts and ice coffee. But still, Christmas is here, mingled with some weird kind of supposed-to-be-summer weather.

V A C A T I O N    H I G H L I G H T S :
  • shopping (duh), since the prices are loooooow, due to sales and, well, crappy economy. But I like it! I had $275 to spend over here (OMG) and it's not often that I'm this rich, so.... I went kind of crazy. My buys include, but are not limited to, a great army-jacket from Abercrombie, and a cashmere/wool sweater from Ralph Lauren. Ooooooh.
  • opening Christmas presents and finding an unusually fruitful load of presents. In my pile I can include a pair of Armani jeans, a lucious soft white bathrobe, the Abercrombie perfume (No 8) and $100 :)
  • brunch at The Phoenician, an extremely fancy and large hotel in Phoenix. The brunch was.... well, there are no words. Mountains and mountains of fruit, piles of french toast and waffles with berries and banana compot, trays of Applewood bacon, a chef that prepared custom-made omelets to suit your every fancy, a frigging sushi-stand including a frigging Japanese sushi-cook, and, last but not least, an entire table with desserts. And when I say table, I mean 5 meter long counter stuffed with every imaginable treat. Drool.
When I get back to dreary grey Denmark, I'll have fun uploading pictures for you guys to see.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

I Am Roseberry

Monday, December 20, 2010

Off To The States!

So. Hi.

Just a quick update:

My family and I are due to fly to Phoenix, Arizona, USA tommorrow at the crack of dawn. We'll be flying through London Heathrow Airport, where there have been tons of cancellations and delays due to snow. Until few minutes ago, we were pretty sure that we would be unable to go to the States this year: until we saw that none of our flights have been cancelled. Everything is pretty caotic right now, especially as we are trying to cram everything into the right suitcase (presents, clothes and all in one big jumble).

So! It looks as if I might actually get to go!

The next update I make will either be tommorrow, and if this is the case, I have not yet left this snow-covered country which is driving me mad. Otherwise, I'll be blogging from Phoenix for the next couple of weeks!

Happy holidays everyone,

I Am Roseberry


So. Hi.

C H R I S T M A S   C O U N T D O W N :
6 Days To Christmas!

I'll be posting about the States a little later, so you can look forward to a great holiday-planner à la Phoenix, Arizona. Where to go, what to wear, where to stay, what to eat --  that sort of thing.

Right now, I just wanted to take a moment to honor some amazing footwear by ACNE. ACNE is the kind of brand I lust after, simply because it's ACNE. I feel like every single thing they make looks fantastic. So, when I'm rich and fabulous and all grown up, I will be purchasing a lot of these amazing shoes and boots from ACNE.


One of my absolute favorite shoes of all time. Everyone has seen the classic black suede / leather wedges - with these shoes, ACNE adds a new edge to the classic wedge. Clap-clap, hurra, I love them!

Oh, would I like to admire this leather boot all day. It's just so.... different! So very ACNE! I started warming to this particular model after I had seen a girl wear it somewhere in CPH -- they just suited her so well, and I thought: "Wow. I gotta have me some o' those."

These babies caught my eye on the webshop as well. Uhmm. They look really lucious and soft. I especially like the contrast between the light heel and the black edge of the boot. Also, notice that the wedge doesn't go all the way out to the heel -- It's bold, but I like it.

A-ma-zing! I love these untraditional wedges. If I had my way, they would be in my closet already! At first, I thought that they were a bit too much, but somehow my opinion changed radically. I love the buckle at the middle! Very army meets city meets a foot in chains!

These boots were the first that caught my eye on ACNE's online shop. Ooh-la-la! A classic riding-style boot, yet very sophisticated and city-chic. And who couldn't use yet another black leather boot?

This grey suede boot is also a favorite of mine. The first time I saw it, I immediately fell in love. Now, I own a pair that looks almost exactly like it - yet I couldn't afford the ACNE version. Mine are black suede, though, and don't have the drawstring at the top of the boot.

Also a very classic, yet raw boot. I like the slightly masculin edge to this feminine boot. If it's ACNE, and if it's black, can you ever really go wrong?

This ankle wedge is a bit controversial, I know, but I can't help but look at it. This kind of heel has always annoyed me a little bit, because it gives me the sensation of toppling over when I look at it! There's something about this particular model that I like though... It's just so.... ACNE.

Well, thanks for listening. I hope that I might get to own some of these beauties some day.

I Am Roseberry.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

After Happily Ever After ?

So. Hi.

C H R I S T M A S   C O U N T D O W N :
7 Days To Christmas!

Just a thought:

In love stories, the people in love can only have each other at the very end. In true love stories, the people in love might have each other – but when the very end comes, the story doesn’t stop. After the happy couple rides into the sunset together, our fabled love stories draw a blank. Because what happens when you hit "happily ever after"?
What more can you ask for? What can you say, when everything is supposedly perfect?
In real life, things tend to work out a bit differently. After "happily ever after", a thing or two can happen. Riding out into the sunset, the noble steed can backfire. While being carried to the Prince's castle, you can drop your glass slipper, and suddenly you're not the right Princess for him anymore. And before any of this happens, you just might make it to the ball, but somehow miss your Prince. What happens then? Have you missed your destiny, your one chance of "the one and only", or will fate simply deal you a new set of cards to work with?
Can you really shape your own destiny?
You can have as many Fairy Godmother's as you could possibly need. If they don't come to you out of free will, you can basically hire people to play the role of Fairy Godmother to your love-life. But when love isn't there any more, and "happily ever after" has become "happily never after", there really isn't anything else to do, than to pack up your poofy white dress, and get real. Learn to fight off the dragons and orks for yourself - stop growing your hair to let men climb to the top to save you. Because, really, if we can face plucking our eye-brows, shaving our hoo-hoo's, painting our faces and walking on 7-inch heels every day, what can a dragon or two really do to us?
We know, that in real life, "happily ever after" is a complicated affair, which many would argue doesn't exist. "Happily ever after" indicates that nothing happens after you have found your happy ending - yet, it doesn't indicate that your life ends with the ending. So what is the "happily ever after" really? An ending? A start?
Can the "happily ever after" exist, when we know that destiny might throw us a new set of cards at any second?
Who knows. I'm just glad I have my Fairy Godmother's to look after me.
THE END . . . For now,
I Am Roseberry

Friday, December 17, 2010

8 Days To Christmas!

So. Hi.

C H R I S T M A S    C O U N T D O W N :
8 Days To Christmas!

I'm sorry for my long absence. Truth is, I've been lying in my sofa with my comforter, watching TV all day -- not to mention the fact that I have been drowning in my own snot, and burning up in a fever of 39 degrees celsius most of the time. Did you guess it yet? Well, I'm sick. And I'm not British, but to those of you who are, by sick, I mean ill. I'm not puking (yet). But I'm so sick, that I have been staying home for 6 days now!!! All of which I have spent in my sofa, with the company of my little sister, who is also sick. Because of my illness, which I believe must be some really nasty variation of the flu, I have been missing out on so many of the things, that I have been looking forward to this whole month! Including, but not limited to, buying Christmas presents! I feel like a horrible sister / daughter / friend due to lack of presents... yikes... There are 7 days until Christmas Eve, and I can't even buy those damn presents, because I'm locked inside by my own disease! Aaarrggh!

Okay okay, Christmas Karma, Christmas Karma......

At this time of year, my choir has a lot of concerts going on. First, we have the concerts with kids, which we do in collaboration with Sigurd Barret and the Danish Symphony Orchestra. It's really quite a quaint experience, but after about the 10th concert, where we each and every time end with singing Sigurd's very own version of "A Partridge In A Pear Trea", in which he mentions the entire orchestra (this goes on for about 10 minutes).... let me just say, that the whole thing gets a little tiring. These concerts are finally over, but there are still more to come.

Coming up this weekend, on the 18th and 19th, we have the Girls Choir's Christmas Concert, an annual event in which all of the choirs of DR participate. I've been looking forward to these concerts all through December, and now... I'm sick!!!!! I've missed all of the rehearsals for the concert, and now I'm not even sure that I can go! I really hope that I can sing tomorrow, which is why I'm concentrating all of my energy on getting better.

Means of medication that I have used to try and cure myself through the week:
  • comforter: I wrapped myself tightly in my comforter and tried to sweat out the fever.
  • tea: I tried to dope myself with different assortments of tea.
  • chocolate milk: I....... like it.
  • water: My dad is always punking me to make me drink water every 2 minutes... I now carry a yellow bottle with a smiley on it with me at all times!
  • thermometer: I take my temperature every few hours, trying to tire the themometer into showing me that I am no longer sick :)
  • cartoons: Oh yeah. It's been Disney galore the last couple of days. Today I watched "A Very Merry Pooh Year", a Christmas movie with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends. Awww.
  • bad TV shows: I have watched. Gilmore. Fucking. Girls. So many times.
  • facebook: It's the only way to keep in touch with the real world... sigh....
In the vain hope that I might feel better, I've been internet shopping, or, not even real shopping, just virtual window-shopping. And even though it's slightly sad, not to be able to enjoy the real thing (sigh.... I haven't seen a store for 6 DAYS!!) it gets me in a really Christmassy mood. I have my friends calling me frequently about presents, and I feel kind of like some sort of Gift Central where everyone can call in and ask for references to stores, permission to buy, ideas and so on. Hehe. When they call, I'm not even surprised; I just say "What have you got?". I feel like the bad guy in an old James Bond movie -- you know, the guy who has that fluffy white cat, who swivels round in the chair, while saying "I've been expecting you..."

So with that strange, and rather unorthodox Christmas greeting, I wish you a merry 8-days-before-Christmas-day!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


So. Hi.

Right now, I'm sitting in a blissfull cloud of "Uhmmmmm". It's so nice, that every time I take a breath, I get a wiff of Abercrombie-perfume. I hit the shops with my girlfriends yesterday, and, yet again, came out smelling like I had emptied an entire bottle of "Fierce" perfume for men on my body (which I hadn't... of course.... hehehe).

Maybe it's because of the perfume that I am daydreaming about hot guys. Maybe not. But I feel that this blog is in the need of something pretty. As if I haven't raved about yummie guys enough!


 Jude Law

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

 William Mosely

 Ryan Reynolds

Abercrombie model
 Abercrombie models

 Abercrombie model / my husband :)

 Christian Bale

Brad Pitt

 Peter Facinelli

Channing Tatum

 Channing Tatum aka. Channing "Sexum"

 Chase Crawford

 Ed Westwick

 Ed Westwick

 Hugh Jackman

 Johnny Depp

 Mattias Kolstrup

 Mattias Kolstrup

 Robert Pattinson

 Tobias Kippenberg (in center)

 Tobias Kippenberg

 Will Smith

You're welcome,

I Am Roseberry.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Floor Is Made Of Lava - YAAAUZA, I Burnt My Feet

So. Hi.

It's going to be pretty hard to top the last concert-post I made. If you haven't read it already, Dúné was pretty fucking awesome. But. I'm going to try and compete with Wednesday's concert, by describing to you the wildest concert I have ever been to. In. My. Life. May I introduce to you:

T H E    F L O O R    I S    M A D E    O F    L A V A

They are completely and utterly awesome. And Tobias Kippenberg, the lead singer, is smoking hot!

Last Friday, I went to their concert in Vega. Holy smokes -- that was really a wild experience! Seeing The Floor Is Made Of Lava play was like watching someone throwing all their inhibitions off the stage, and handing off parties like free candy.

I went to see their concert with my best concert-friend, Pernille (whom I also went to see Dúné with). We came really early, so that we could get great places to stand. We had roughly the places as I had, when I went to see Beach House -- at the very front of the crowd, right in front of the stage, a little of to the right. These places were, obviously, great for watching the band play -- but terrible in any other way. We were standing right by the loud speakers, and by the time the warm up band, Mescalin, Baby, had finished, my ears were blown to bits. To add to the displeasures, the people behind us were so drunk, that they were practically lying drooling on top of us. Hm. No wonder we decided to move.

Once we moved into the middle of the crowd, things heated up: The Floor Is Made Of Lava were onstage, everyone was rocking out with them, jumping up and down, screaming and having a great time. Pernille and I were completely thrown by the intense mood in the centre of the crowd!

As I said before, things got pretty wild! We were standing next to a group of young men, who were all drunk off their asses of coure. One of the guys, the most enthusiastic one, motioned me over to him -- I had my suspicions, but I "jumped" in his direction. The next thing I know, he's putting his head between my legs, and is lifting me up over the crowd so that I am sitting on top of everyone!! OMG! I can't even begin to say how surprised I was! It was great, if not a little strange!

Afterwards, the crowd really heated up: the dancing grew wilder and wilder, Pernille and I nearly got separated AND smushed at the same time, everyone was sooooooo drunk, and things were generally freaky. Then, to the crowd's amazement, the lead singer, Tobias Kippenberg, takes a leap off the stage, into our awaiting arms, Superman-style! I swear, when he dove, he flew straight over my head! Both Pernille and I groped his sweaty, gorgeous stomach! I tried to rip his shirt off in amazement, and Pernille swears that she got her hand up his sweaty armpit. Uhhmmmm. This normally wouldn't be a plus. But Tobias is haaaaaaaaaawt!

Oh yeah. I touched his sweaty body.

Of course, this is were the abnormally large men jump into the middle of the crowd, and we are completely trampled. We managed to stay together though, we managed to stand up and avoid the flailing limbs of strangers, hell, I didn't even lose my headband. I did, however, have a whole glass of beer spilled all over my hair. Yum. This I discovered halfway through the freak-out, but by then I was like: "YEEAAAAAH BEER RULES; THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA; YEEEEAAAAH DUUUUDE! YAAAUZAA!"

During this massive freak-out, Pernille managed, by some incredible streak of luck, to catch the drum stick, which was thrown in to the crowd! Naturally, we wanted it signed, so after the concert, we hung out at Vega to wait for the band. When we finally found them, there was already a huge line; but that didn't stop us.

I managed to get:
  • autographs from the ENTIRE band
  • a conversation with the bass player
  • a high-five from the bass player
  • a conversation with the drummer
  • an autograph scribbled by a very drunk Tobias on my very own SIGNED CD
  • to watch Pernille have her little drum stick signed by the entire band. The drummer even said to us, "This isn't even worth 5 cents!"
So, The Floor Is Made Of Lava. I just want to say thanks, for yet another AMAZING concert experience, which I can add to the rest. This has just been a great concert-week for me! How cool would it be, if I could get to do this every day?

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

High-Fiving Mattias Kolstrup, DÚNÉ !!!!

So. Hi.


Went to the most awesome concert yesterday. Together with my two friends, Male and Pern, I went to Store Vega, to see one of my favorite bands, Dúné, play. Vega is one of the best places for concerts, at least in my opinion, so I was completely psyched about this concert. Not to mention because of the fact that I am a complete groupie-like fan of Dúné! I have spent an awesome night at one of their concerts before, screaming and dancing and sweating like a lunatic. But that's another story. This story is about how I became face to face with one of my biggest idols:

M A T T I A S       K O L S T R U P

Okay, I'm gonna have to break it to you: I am completely in love with him, no matter what people might say about him! Don't you dare contradict his Hotness. He is amazing.

His cute, grungy look, and his long, curly hair (yum) makes him really attractive -- but that's not all. It's actually mainly because he's such a good performer, that he's so hot! I can tell you very many good things about the band, Dúné: They are an amazing band to listen to, regardless of what mood you're in. They are phenomenal when you see them live. Their young, hip rock has captured me with the force of an extremely musical hurricane. But I can't compliment the band, which is one of my favorites, without also adding Mattias to the compliment. My oh my.

Mattias is so sexy on stage! He has an amazing stage-presence, and I love the way he just rocks out with the music. He's a good dancer too, which he shows to his full extent at their concerts. I have had the pleasure of going to two of their concerts now. One word: AMAZING.

Their concert, which I went to yesterday, was completely mindblowing. I must admit, this was one of my best concert experiences ever.

First of all, the music was really cool, of course. I love the way they use their amazing stage presence to get the entire audience to move! I can't emphasize how great it is, to stand in the crowd and look up at the faces of Mattias and Ole and all the rest.

Second of all, I was feeling really enthusiastic. In the start of the concert, when the group came out, I made the shape of a heart with my hands -- and Mattias saw it! I was so happy! I started screaming "MATTIAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!" at the top of my lungs! My voice is completely busted today, oops. At first, no one shouted with me... then, a while in to the concert, my friend Male started screaming "MATTIAAAAS!!" as well! After a while, we had tons of girls screaming his name! It was so cool.

So, after this completely ludicrously fantastic concert, we stepped out to wait for my mom, who was picking us up.... While waiting, we noticed a big group of girls standing in the corner of the room, where they were selling T-shirts and posters. We noticed that there were cameras flashing. At exactly the same time, the three of us realized, that all the members of Dúné were RIGHT THERE! In the same room! So close to us! They were handing out autographs and everything! OMFG! Of course, we ran over there. After having shoved my way to the front (yes, I'm a bully, hehe) I went straight for Ole Bjørn, the keyboard player of the band. He is so cute too!

Ole of Dúné

So, when I asked for Ole's autograph, he was really nice -- just like a shy boy from Jutland is supposed to be, haha. I even had an actual conversation with him! I said thanks for the experience and all that, and how amazing it was to be in the crowd. He even told me how intense it was on stage! So cool! He signed my ticket "Ole" in an elligible writing, and then drew a heart! Eek!

After I had attacked him verbally, I proceeded to my most wanted target: Mattias. I just can't believe that I stood face to face with one of my biggest idols! I was so nervous, ridiculously, so when I asked for his autograph, my voice was tiny and mouselike. I was even stammering a bit, when I told him how amazing their concert was -- I think I said something like "It's just a great experience every single time I see you live!".
Mattias leaned closer to me as I talked (can you believe it??) and he smiled and replied and everything. I was so close to fainting. And then, when I thought I would piss myself from excitement, he lifted his hand in to the air -- O M G -- it took me a while to figure out. BUT! He gave me a high-five! MATTIAS KOLSTRUP, the sexy, handsome, awesome, cool Mattias Kolstrup, voluntarily touched my hand!!!!!

I don't think I'll ever wash my hand again. I can now die a happy woman. I'm going to every single one of their concerts from now on!

This is the cover of their newest album, Enter Metropolis. 

Mattias together with the lead singer of Turboweekend, Silas Bjerregård 

I'm never getting rid of the autographs I got. The little squiggles on the page were written for ME, specifically for me, by the musicians I love! I have got to frame it or something....!

Looking forward to tomorrow -- I'm actually going to another concert in Vega! This time, it's with The Floor Is Made Of Lava, a very awesome band. I don't think any other band can live up to Dúné from now on, but I'm still excited.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.