Monday, July 11, 2011

Goodbye, Copenhagen.

So. Hi.

I leave for the States with my family tomorrow. It's surreal, as I have said before. It's just flat out weird. This time tomorrow, I'll still be on the plane, which I will have sat in from 11 AM (including a short transfer in Heathrow), with 6 hours of flying to go, before we arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor.

We'll be staying in Phoenix with my Grandma for 3 days, before we fly to Hawaii! I'm really excited to go, because I've never been there before. We're going with the whole family: my mother, father, sister, Grandma, aunt and uncle. Unfortunately my cousins couldn't come, so my sister and I will be the only kids... But still. It'll be really fun! Not to mention exotic.

I've been to Phoenix more times than I can count... That's where my Grandma lives, and where my American part of the family is from. So we try to go there every year, alternating between the summer holidays and Christmas. I was actually there this Christmas as well. The reason why we're going back so soon, is that my Grandma is turning 80! Yay, Grandma! And therefore, we have arranged for the whole family (well, most of it) to go to Hawaii together!

We're going to be staying at Kauwai and Oahu, some of the bigger islands in Hawaii. I'm really excited about seeing these two different places... In my head, Hawaii is something to do with hula skirts, coconut drinks, surfing, seashells and lots of fresh pineapple. I can't wait to see the real thing! Since my camera's finally back from repair-based Hell, I'll be taking pictures of  E V E R Y T H I N G like a fucking papparazzi. So you guys. I guess you'll have something to look forward to, when I'm back on August 3rd!

On another note, I've been enjoying my last day in Copenhagen very much. All my friends are gradually leaving for their respective vacations - including my boyfriend, whom I said my last goodbyes to today, as he left for his guys-only trip. I celebrated my leaving the alternating cold and warmth, combined with drifty rain, in style. I went with Male to "Le Petit Tortus", or just "Skildpadden" today, and afterwards we walked around in the spots of rain and sunshine to enjoy our city. It felt good to say a proper goodbye to both Male, V. and Copenhagen before I leave for the next three weeks.

So, seeing as I'll be out of circuit for a while, this is also my final goodbye to the blog. I may or may not post to you from the States (seeing as I imagine and hope to be covered in pineapple, sun, and seawater most of the time), but we'll see. For now, have a great holiday you guys!

See you in three weeks!

 G O O D B Y E ,    C O P E N H A G E N



V. and I.

V. was leaving for Fjerritslev, where he's going with his friends for the summer. I saw him off in the train, and now there's no more V. for another 3 weeks...

But we seem to take it pretty lightly. Take no notice of my face. I'm not having a spasm; I'm just laughing.

Don't worry, I don't do this every time he tries to kiss me...

Okay, so I'm not a girlfriend, like I thought. I'm a big hairy monster. Great.

Afterwards, Male and I headed in to town, where we poked around a bit, to support Male's hunt for a leather jacket. 

Then we headed over towards Le Petit Tortus, or just "Skildpadden", our favorite café.

It was actually Male that made me stop and take this picture. It was raining, but the sun was shining at the same time. Cool.

Oh, and then this is also just a typical Danish passage on Strøget.

Skildpadden (Le Petit Tortus) at Gråbrødretorv, Inner Copenhagen.
Come here for: Sandwiches, coffee and chocolate cake.

We found our usual table at Skildpadden. We take pride in being regular customers, let me tell you... And ordered the standard chai latté (me) and ginger ale (Male) (yes, these are sissy drinks, but they taste so gooooood).

Skildpaddens best dishes are definitely their big make-your-own sandwiches, their coffee, and their infamous chocolate cake. 


New phone to replace the one that was lost, then stolen, then run over by a truck and / or sat on by a very fat man (judging by its appearance). Love it!

We have sinned... After leaving Skildpadden, we wandered randomly about Strøget. The Christian Louboutin store just happened to get in our way! So of course, we couldn't resist diving in, just for a little peek.

 I swear I had an orgasm when I saw the rows and rows of beautiful shoes.

One of my personal favorites were these emerald green suede peep-toe darlings.

A retard in the mirror. No, wait. That's just me.

Must touch...

... so beautiful...

Okay, so when we left Christian Louboutin, it was very hard to get used to the real world again. Where things aren't shiny black leather or green emerald suede with a deep red sole... No, in the real world, sausage stands exist, and have names like "The Ham Express".

What better way to kiss Copenhagen goodbye, than to stroll down Nyhavn with my camera in hand, clicking away like a tourist in my own city?

The last picture is of Male's awesome new sneaks. Which reminds me... It'll be flip-flops and sandals only for me the next couple of weeks!

Hope you guys have a great summer vacation. If you travel, travel safe. Remember sunscreen. Err... Don't get drunk out of your minds, and fall in the ocean and drown. Uhm... Yeah. Take care!
Thanks for listening,
I Am Roseberry.