Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CRK // Another Grin For Another Good Day.

So. Hi.

Today's high: Everything. I have a constant grin plastered on my face.

Today's low: What does that even mean????


♥    I took my final exam today, an oral presentation of a Danish analysis, and came out grinning. 12! Yay!

♥    I hung out with Ida, Male and V. today, to celebrate the start of our summer vacations. Watching "Hide and Seek" before Male came, because we know that she hates scary movies. Laying around in Ida's garden, eating toast and drinking juice. Enjoying the fact that there are no more exams left to study for, and therefore nothing we have to do.

♥    Went to eat pizza for lunch with Male and V., because it's the summer holidays, and because we can.

♥    Went to choir, and got to channel a lot of my (supposedly annoying) optimism into singing :-)

♥    Today's just another good day. I'm happy. Grinning from non-existant dimple to non-existant dimple. Nice, for a change. I like the feeling of a smile being eternally carved into my features, instead of a pout or frown. I like smiling for no reason. I like laughing all the time, though I don't really know why. And I like the fact that I can't write a single sentence without a grin attached to it.


♥    Perhaps sleeping in? Or waking up early to get something out of the day? Who knows? I officially have no obligations to get up at all, if I don't want to! Because my summer vacation has started!

♥    Perhaps going to the beach, for the first swim of the year? If my ladyparts won't freeze off in the icy water, that is.

♥    Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Yes please. Am "underslept". I'll be catching up on all my missed sleep, caused due to studying, late-night phonecalls and general laziness.

♥    Sun (hopefully). I love the weather we're having atm.

♥    First day of vacation!

The Rumour Said Fire Sentimentally Falling

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. What a nice picture! Really cool blog - following you know! :-)

  2. Really cool and personal blog! I really enjoy reading it :-) I was just wandering how you make that youtube track line where you have the sound and NOT the video. I would love to do that my self ;-)

  3. @Sofie: Thanks so much! Welcome to the blog :-)

    @Anon.: Oh, thanks a bunch! I love to hear that people actually read it. What you do is: Copy the HTML code from the youtube video. When you insert it in your blog, under "Edit HTML", find the place in the "link" labelled "height". There will be a number here. Change that number to 28, and voila! You have yourself a trackline ;-)