Monday, April 25, 2011

Sure, Everything's Great, Except ...

So. Hi.

Happy Easter!

I went to my summerhouse in Tisvildeleje with my family for the Easter Holidays. The first day, I took the train up there with my friend Sara, my little sister, and her friend. We had a great time, though it was early in the morning. The only disconcerting thing was, that as we went further north, we could see the sky turning more and more grey, and our surroundings growing less and less city-like. Gulp.

Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic. It's just a few clouds. It's not getting colder. That draft of wind is just in your imagination. No, that cow is not glaring angrily at you. It's fine. It doesn't smell of manure here. It's fine. Don't panic.

Okay, so we arrived in perfect well-being (lol), and set out to find our summerhouse from the train station. I have to add, that I am a total retard at navigating in any environment, unless it involves getting from one store to the other, or going from my room to the fridge. But anyway, we made it, we walked the short distance from Tisvilde station to our house on Krondyrvej (which, incidentally, means something like "Dear Road", as in the animal. Dear me. It seemed as if all the houses in Tisvilde were named after different kinds of dear.)

I spent two perfectly pleasant days with Sara and my family. Most of the time was spent outside, where I lay around in my bikini, attempted playing badminton, and ate ice-cream. There's basically nothing I enjoy more than a good summer's day, ice-cream, and the occasional easter egg, so I was as happy as a pig in poop. It's so rare that Denmark grants us summer-starved Danes such good weather. I could practically feel the time standing still, as everyone realized that they didn't want to work, excersize, talk, or do anything in particular, except perhaps eat -- for this Easter Holiday was almost too fine to pass up.

So thank you, Mr. Easter Bunny. Thanks for the abundance of easter chocolate I have consumed throughout this vacation. Thank you for the more than awesome weather. And thank you for a great break from reality, in which I had the freedom to do absolutely nothing. I had a great time.

But then...
I did something really stupid. Oh geez. During my vacation I -- oh, well, first things first. I can tell you about my horror of horrors after I let you enjoy some spring- and easter-like photos. Sigh. Here we go.

Happy Easter everyone!

Now, to my horror of horrors.

This vacation was great. Actually, it was a little too great. Summer in Denmark, 20 degrees celcius, bikinis and beaches and ice-cream and lying around in the sun, all with no catch?

I don't think so.

I succeeded in looking very much like a panda at the end of the first day. Why? I had been wearing sunglasses the entire time, shielding my eyes from the sun, and therefore also preventing the area around my eyes to get as tanned as the rest of my face. This made sure, that a clearly marked white line has spread between my two eyes, leaving my unshielded forehead to tan vigorously, while the general area of my eyes seems stark white in comparison. Yes, you can laugh. Okay, I might be exaggerating it a little bit. But still!

But, horror of horrors, my panda isn't the worst part of it. Oh no, I'm just getting started.

Everything was going so well (in spite of minor panda-related mishaps) that I let my guard down regarding other things. Such as my camera. Which is why I wasn't that careful, when I reached for the belt on the camera.

I was having an extreme fit of laughter when I reached for the belt, which maybe wasn't so smart, considering the events that followed. I grabbed the belt, but it sort of slipped out of my reach. It was too fast for me to catch it, and anyway, I was laughing too hard to see the accident coming. At first, the camera swung into a nearby chair. From here, it fell in slowmotion onto the wooden floor. There it landed with a maddening "thunk", leaving me with a reaction that looked somewhat like this:


But don't you worry. This coma-like state only lasted for about 10 minutes, in which I stared helplessly at my camera, occasionally shaking it, looking into it, debating whether to throw it out of the window or not, and then going back to staring at it. After a while, my angry-panda-instincts took over:

Can I shoot someone??!!!! Please??!!


I don't know what's wrong with it. All I know is, it has gone completely dead. As in, when I turn it on, there's no reaction. It's completely dark in the viewfinder. The screen doesn't light up. Not even the little green light, that should indicate that it is on, flares up. Nothing. It's just... dead. And I killed it!

I'm going to have to take it in to a photo-shop, to have it repaired. I tried clonking it several times in my mind, and whacking it repeatedly with the force of my non-existant Jedi-mind-tricks. I also tried physical Caroline-on-camera-contact, to try and repair the damage I had inflicted upon it. With my stubby little fingers, and my minimal knowledge of cameras, this was basically impossible. Abandoning all hope of fixing the camera myself, I suffered through several days of the Easter Holidays without my beloved camera, which I had relied on to keep me company throughout the vacation.

Sigh. Sometimes, I just want to club myself in the head.

RIP Nikon D5000. I hope I can bring you back from the dead.

Sigh. Well, I guess that's that. There's nothing I can do about it now, except getting it repaired. Maybe. I hope that it'll be okay...

So, all in all, my Easter Holidays were bittersweet. I got a nice tan - but I also got a panda. I ate a lot of yummie chocolate and ice-cream - I most probably also gained weight (must resist temptation to run around screaming while trying to beat off new flubbies). I took some great pictures with my beloved Nikon - I also broke said Nikon.

Oh well. I guess no one can have it all. Hope you had a good holiday as well.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Jeg håber selvfølgelig, at du mener det med mit kamera og/eller min nuværende panda-status er nedern. For det er det jo. Men det var bestemt ikke nedern at have ferie!

    - Carrie