Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Oh Oh?

So. Hi.

♥ Wow. This is my one hundredth post. That's 100 days I took the time to post. 100 days I felt that I had something to say. 100 days that somehow mattered.

♥ I've had 34,022 views on the blog in total.

♥ I have 22 followers through Google Reader, one of which is anonymous, and I have 17 followers through Bloglovin'.

♥ I usually get from 100 to 300 views a day, which is so much better than when I started... I remember when 11 views on my blog felt like a lot.

♥ With an average of just around 800 words pr. post, I'd say that I have a lot on my mind.

♥ My most surprising views and/or visitors have come from India, Israel, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Mexico.

♥ During the time in which I have had this blog, I have lost and/or broken 5 umbrellas.

♥ During the time in which I have had this blog, I have spent at least 7300 kr. on clothes, music and food. 

♥ During the time in which I have had this blog, I have been to 6 concerts. Beach House, Dúné, The Floor Is Made Of Lava, Treefight For Sunlight, Turboweekend and Mads Langer. I have written a post about all of them, in which I rambled on for a couple hundred pages about how amazing they were. I have tickets for two other "concerts": Kanye West's concert on August 11th, and Roskilde Festival from June 26th to July 3rd.

♥ I've had posts about summer, dating all the way back to march.

♥ I've had 23 posts about clothes and style, each and every one of them with an overload of pictures, all containing things that I cannot under any circumstances afford.

♥ I've had at least one picture in each and every of my one hundred posts, except for my very first post, and one post where I was writing from my grandmother's computer in the States.

♥ My most frequently used traffic source is a poll I once made, from which I received 1,362 views. This is actually a bit comical, if you consider all the posts I have made.

♥ This blog has been with me when I was without a boyfriend, sadly lacking a lovelife, and mostly down.

♥ This blog has been with me when I was madly in love, giddy with happiness and grinning from non-existant dimple to dimple.

♥ This blog has been with me in the fall. When I was still desperately clinging to the hope of an Indian Summer, as I tried and tried and tried to find alternatives to baggy sweaters and woollen scarves, and as my ongoing depression turned to a dull resentment towards the Danish weather.

♥ This blog has been with me in the winter. All those cold winter months with Lust Lists bursting with wollen things, posts about how to make instant cakes, Christmas wishlists and visites to my family in the States, sentimental Christmas wishes and congratulations for a new year on the blog.

♥ This blog has been with me in the spring. Those long months with rainy weather, promises of sunshine looming, flowers popping out of the ground, and legs bursting out of their tights and stockings and winter boots.  All the while, I waited for the first tell-tale rays of summer.

♥ This blog is with me now, in its first summer. Though the weather swings, and as does my mood, my blog is always there, unwavering and faithful, just waiting for me to upload the latest from my life.

♥ This blog has been with me through many first's: The first post I ever made... my first day in the last year of school... my first day at the Danish Girls' choir... my first exams... the first time I worried about getting into Aurehøj... the first time I felt overwhelmingly happy, when I got my letter from Aurehøj, saying that I would be attending their class of '11... and above all, the first time I created something that is entirely my own. I Am Roseberry is a place where I can just be myself, write what I want to, think the way I want to, and do things, the way I think they should be done.

♥ I started this blog in 2010, on Friday the 13th of August... It would be funny to say that bad luck has followed me ever since. But no. Starting this blog was one of the best ideas I ever got. I feel lucky, really, to have started I Am Roseberry on a whim, never thinking that I would be blogging nearly a year from when I started. 

♥ Though I am now 39 followers richer, 100 posts wiser, and 312 days older, that same young, insecure girl from August 2010 is still in here, and preserved somehow in this blog, with all my whimsical thoughts and swinging emotions. And perhaps, another 100 posts from now, I'll be looking  back at this very post, thinking how time has gone by so fast, and perhaps laughing at all my current thoughts and beliefs. But no matter how long I might stray from this blog, it will still have been here. I will still have written all those thousands of words, and they will hopefully, somehow, have made an impression on someone, somewhere. And that's all that really matters, isn't it?

H E R E    A R E    1 0 0    P H O T O S    F O R    E V E R Y   P O S T    I    H A V E    M A D E

So. For the one hundredth time:

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.