Friday, October 22, 2010

The World's Funniest Episode Of All Time

So. Hi.

Just wanted to share this episode of How I Met Your Mother with you. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! It is really hilarious!

Bytheway, I'm sorry the video takes up so much space on the page. It's less painful to watch if you make it full screen. But! Please. I beg of you. Watch it.

I Am Roseberry

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tribute To Barney Stinson Of "How I Met Your Mother"

So. Hi.

Today, I want to take a minute to honor a great (ficticious) man: Barney Stinson.

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? If you don't, you should. It's awesome. Well, in HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother for short) we meet a group of 5 friends: Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily and Barney.

We see their story from Ted's angle. Ted, our main character, recounts the story of how he met the mother of his children - his story takes place in New York, where he was a romantic man in his late 20's, early 30's. During the whole series, you never quite know who the mother of his children will be -- that's the beauty of the show. His central relationship is with Robin, whom he remains friends with after they have dated, though there are still some unresolved feelings between them. All in all, Ted and his friends go through several problems and fun experiences in life, and in love.

You can watch How I Met Your Mother here, if you like: Cucirca

The point of this summary: Barney Stinson. Barney is one of Ted's best male friends, and a total womanizer. And I love him.

B A R N E Y    S T I N S O N

Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris

So. Barney. What can you say about this man?

Barney Stinson is a total womanizer. He is the most hilarious person on the show. Barney's relationship to women is... well.... casual. Casual in the sense that women are expendable to him, and that he can always hook up with someone new. Though many may think that this is uncharming, with Barney, it's simply funny in his own awesome way.

Barney has a series of things he likes to do or say, that sort of define his character. For example: His suits. Barney always wears a suit, and consistantly asks Ted to "suit up" when going out. Another example is his high fives, or knuckle bumps -- he uses these very frequently after basically each perverted joke he makes, which makes it twice as funny as it really is. The third example is his use of the words "awesome" and "legen - wait for it! - dary". All these things define Barney.

If this was a toast, I would have you all raise your glass to Barney -- for catching me when we have lowered our boundaries, and making us laugh for it. For being ridiculously certain in his beliefs, and in himself. Here's to Barney Stinson -- womanizer and genius.


Lily is working on a painting of Barney holding a sword.
Lily: “I don't think your sword will fit.”
Barney: “I get that a lot.”

First explaining to Marshall about his unique qualities:
“Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro—I'm Broda!”
Barney, describing his brother: “He's the awesomest, most best-lookingest, greatest guy ever!”
Lily: “He's exactly like Barney.”
Barney: “That's what I just said.”

Barney: "It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!”
Barney: “God, it's me, Barney. What up? I know we don't talk much, but I know a lot of girls call out your name because of me.”

Watch How I Met Your Mother. Love you guys.

Thanks for listening.

I Am Roseberry

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sex and the City the Way I Want It To Be

So. Hi.

Today, I could have done a number of things. I could have saved the world from a meteor crashing towards earth; cured cancer; created a comeback for disco-dancing; had sex; drunken two liters of chokolate sauce; written a Pulitzer prize-winning book..... but no. Alas, I fear that I may never experience these things. You know why? I'll give you 4 words:

Sex and the City.

Today, I spent the whole of my day, on the couch, watching Sex and the City. Yes. I did. And I loved every second of it. Don't you just love the humor and the honesty of the show? A true fan won't like the friends, and find them funny -- they will understand them, know how they think, and wish to be there themselves.

Or is that just me?

One of the reasons why I love Sex and the City (and believe me -- I really love it) is that it takes place in New York. Oooh, New York. I can just here the tone of Carrie Bradshaw's voice, as she quietly murmurs, or elatedly shouts, or just merely sighs: New York.

New York, oh New York.

I have never been there -- can you believe it? I, who even has an American mother, and a slightly demonic obsession with New York, has never, ever, in my entire life, been to my favorite city. But, oh, do I want to go! I don't really remember when I first acquired this need to go. Why New York? Why this particular city?

Yellow cabs with impeccably rude drivers, that will drive you home at 2am. The fact that you can easily see a gay man rollerblading in Central Park. Glamorous, fantastic, single women -- and hopefully men. Do these things only exist in our fantasies about New York? Is New York really as good as all those series lead us to think?

Yes. I tend to think so. Yes, I guess I swallow everything positive I hear about the city whole. Yes, I guess I have never been there myself, and can therefore of course not form a valid oppinion about the actual city.

But isn't New York more than that? Isn't New York more than a city? Isn't New York dreams and hopes, friendships and great loves and break-ups, chased and/or missed opportunities, in love and in life? Isn't New York really just the imperfect, realistic, romantisized and beloved (and therefore perfect) dream?

One thing is for sure: it's a dream I can't shake off.

I have some money saved up from an acting job I did once. It's a lot of money for a teenage-girl like me, so I've put it in the bank. It just might be enough to give me a trip to the City. Alone, in a crappy appartment for a summer, where I can work part-time at some crappy job, or take a writing course, or be a club-singer. Something. It's an adventure I haven't planned, but I've played it out in my mind several times.

Could I go? Would I dare? Could I combine my own life, and my dream?

All I know is, that New York will still be there tommorrow -- just waiting for girls like me.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Overwhelming Joy!

So. Hi.

Went shopping with my friend Helene today. I haven't seen her in a million years, so it was great to catch up. We went in to inner Copenhagen, and we went to several cafés and had coffee and cupcakes. But the sweetest part of our visit, was when she showed me the boots from Acne that she has been lusting for. I think I'm in love. They cost like 3000 kr., but they are acsolutely fabulous. Cannot get them out of my head.

Acne Draw Boot in gray suede

I also went to a dinner party, where one of my friends Sophie wore these a-ma-zing boots. I love them. Now, which ones should I spend all my life-savings on?

Acne boot in black leather and metallic bottom.

Both of the boots are from Acne. Have I mentioned that I am in love with both of them?

- Just wanted to add real quick:

OMG, I am so happy right now. I have finally gotten my own computer back. Since I busted my hard-drive (sob sob sob) I have been using a mini-computer, which, incidentally, gives me little jolts of electricity when I sit with it. This has been fine, and I have actually come to like the ridiculously minute size of this baby computer. But, amen, my own computer has come back to me!

The good news is: they were able to save all of my files. Everything except one picture, but who cares - all my writing, my music, my iTunes, my pictures, my everything - it's all there! I thought I had lost it for ever.

I love you, computer-repair-genius!

Here's a sweet song to show you my joy:

Could you pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now...
Thanks for granting my small wish.

And thanks for stopping by!

I Am Roseberry

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glooooria, Halleluuuuuja, Tralalaa!

So. Hi.

Yeah, guessing from the title, you might think that I was particularly happy about something. I'm going to have to dissappoint you - this Sunday is indeed just another one of those gray, unexciting Sundays. But, lucky me, I get to spend this Sunday in a church. And I'm not religious.


I sing in the DR Junior choir, a very prestigeous choir, and it's great, really. We get a lot of experience with singing, great voice training, the girls there are some of my best friends, and I love it. But. There are just so many of these concerts, where we have to sing classical music. And that's fine, I don't mind it at all - it can really be quite beautiful, if I may say so myself. But I draw the line at church services... yaawn. Have you ever sat through a whole sermon, which lasted about half an hour, not even of your own will? And I nver go to church! I'm mentally preparing myself to be bored to death later.....

Oh well. I'm meeting up with 4 friends from my choir beforehand, so I'm sure it'll be fine. We're going to a little café in CPH, I can't think of the name, but it's really good. You can get great pizza slices here, yum.

It's right on Kronprinsessegade, one of my favorite streets, especially since you pass by Flying A on the way over there. They have the most awesome vintage rings, I love them. They cost 300 kr. each, which is a bit expensive.... I got one as a gift from my two best friends, Male and Ida. It's a big, golden bird. An eagle, or a hawk, or maybe even a dove. I have no idea. But I like it.

I'm wearing my beloved ring on this picture. It's from the photo-shoot I did with Male.
Don't I look just a bit surprised? ;)
 Thanks for listening. Talk to you later,

I Am Roseberry.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Return Of The Rose

So. Hi again.

After a brief (or actually, rather long) absence, I am back. To the few of you that actually read my blog, I'm sorry I left for so long. This is what happens every time I start writing something - I write about my not-so-interesting life, trying to make it seem exciting, until it actually becomes exciting - then I, of course, stop writing. Figures.

But this time, I have a rather good excuse:

My fucking computer broke. Yeah. I destroyed my hard-drive. Since I have a minimal knowledge of computers, I have absolutely no idea how I manage to wreck this apparantly EXTREMELY IMPORTANT part of my computer. So now, as I write, I am sitting with the worlds smallest computer. I borrowed, my dad's mini-computer, and it's okay, I guess. For normal stuff like word or even excel, but that's a bit risky. No, this computer is allergic to facebook, youtube, deviantart, photo-shop, picasa, movie-maker, paint, cucirca, google, my school desk, turning on, turning off, chatting on facebook, looking at pictures on facebook, and everything that is, well, fun. So great. I have a malfunctioning mini-computer on my lap.

And oh, did I mention that it gives me small electric shocks when I have it on my lap for too long? Yeah, I know. Ouch. Suddenly I will feel my thighs tingling with pain, and jump out of my seat - but the pain comes creeping, so I don't really notice until it's too late.

Other than that? Not much. I've been hanging out with my friends a lot, taking a lot of pictures. My best friend, Male, takes the most awesome pictures. I've been helping her take some lately (though I must admit, I didn't do very much, haha) and I actually think that they turned out really well. We went to this photographers apartment, so that he could give us a few tips on taking pictures. She's more pro than me, so all my pictures turned out a little jumbled, haha. Here are a few of them for you to see:

A picture of me, taken by Male

A picture of me, taken by Male

A picture of Male, taken by me.
Yeah, I know it's blurry.

A picture of me, taken by Male.

A picture of Male, taken by me.
This was the only good picture I took, haha, fail.

So, that's just a quick update for you. Promise I'll write some more!

I Am Roseberry