Thursday, October 7, 2010

Return Of The Rose

So. Hi again.

After a brief (or actually, rather long) absence, I am back. To the few of you that actually read my blog, I'm sorry I left for so long. This is what happens every time I start writing something - I write about my not-so-interesting life, trying to make it seem exciting, until it actually becomes exciting - then I, of course, stop writing. Figures.

But this time, I have a rather good excuse:

My fucking computer broke. Yeah. I destroyed my hard-drive. Since I have a minimal knowledge of computers, I have absolutely no idea how I manage to wreck this apparantly EXTREMELY IMPORTANT part of my computer. So now, as I write, I am sitting with the worlds smallest computer. I borrowed, my dad's mini-computer, and it's okay, I guess. For normal stuff like word or even excel, but that's a bit risky. No, this computer is allergic to facebook, youtube, deviantart, photo-shop, picasa, movie-maker, paint, cucirca, google, my school desk, turning on, turning off, chatting on facebook, looking at pictures on facebook, and everything that is, well, fun. So great. I have a malfunctioning mini-computer on my lap.

And oh, did I mention that it gives me small electric shocks when I have it on my lap for too long? Yeah, I know. Ouch. Suddenly I will feel my thighs tingling with pain, and jump out of my seat - but the pain comes creeping, so I don't really notice until it's too late.

Other than that? Not much. I've been hanging out with my friends a lot, taking a lot of pictures. My best friend, Male, takes the most awesome pictures. I've been helping her take some lately (though I must admit, I didn't do very much, haha) and I actually think that they turned out really well. We went to this photographers apartment, so that he could give us a few tips on taking pictures. She's more pro than me, so all my pictures turned out a little jumbled, haha. Here are a few of them for you to see:

A picture of me, taken by Male

A picture of me, taken by Male

A picture of Male, taken by me.
Yeah, I know it's blurry.

A picture of me, taken by Male.

A picture of Male, taken by me.
This was the only good picture I took, haha, fail.

So, that's just a quick update for you. Promise I'll write some more!

I Am Roseberry

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