Sunday, October 21, 2012


So. Hi.

This is how I feel every time I wake up with a pounding hangover.

You may or may not know the feeling. Head pounding like a drum. Feeling like you sprained your entire body (fingers, toes, shoulders, abdomen, ears), aching all over. Sniffling and snuffling like a sick grandma. Hands and lips dry like the Sahara. Eyes smudged with mascara, and hair sticking out all over the place, as if you're impersonating a vampire-Einstein on meds. Shaking every so slightly every time you get up (and deciding that nope, it's not worth it to walk the excruciating hike to the kitchen, even though you yearn for a coffee the size of your head with a need that's slightly overwhelming). That slight feeling of regret, embarrassment and "what happened last night?" lingering, no matter how you try to distract yourself. Smelling like you rolled around in an ashtray, and coughing like you swallowed it. Your voice reduced to the raspy growl of an old black man. The rest of the day already partially ruined due to your current state, you decide to sit, lie down or simply wither away for a good couple of hours, before you do anything meaningful.

Sounds lovely, right?

T H E    H A N G O V E R 

The not so good morning 
A brutal awakening, were you tear out of your drunk confused dream, all tangled up in sheets, breathing heavily, your bed reeking of smoke, alcohol and smelly teenager, feeling slightly confounded as to where the hell you are, who you are, and most importantly: what happened last night?

Realizing the depth of your hungover state
... And that you are, indeed, going to die from this hangover. It will be the end of you. You stand up, and it's all you can do not to fall smack-dab on your face. You want to die, better yet, just disappear off the face of the earth, to a place where there are no headaches, no puking and no hangovers. Realizing that you shouldn't even attempts to move, and collapsing on your couch.

 Treating your hangover
Everyone has their special cure for a hangover; endless amounts of orange juice, a milkshake with eggs and cough syrup, watching "The Holiday" for the millionth time while holding a pillow, lying in the toilet for a few hours, hot water bottles and blankets, a mug of coffee that's big enough to swim laps in, food so greasy that it shouldn't be called "food" but "lubricant"... Whatever helps abolish the hangover, you cling to it desperately.

(I simply MUST own this)

 The realization
That you brought this on yourself. That you are stupid. That you will feel better (after consuming various hangover-detox products). That you had a great night (or not so great), and that you knew what was coming on the morning after. That you will never drink again (mahahahaha). And that the hangover is just a healthy sign of your body telling you, that you treated it like crap. And that you need to spend the entire day making yourself feel better.

Happy Hangover. Hope you don't feel as shit as I do.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

About Doing It All At Once

So. Hi.

Hey! I got my hair cut today. It's a little shorter, a little softer, and a lot lighter. You like? 

Sorry. First things first: I've really been missing-in-action lately, huh? Just arrived home from France the other day, after being in Alsace-Lorraine for a week. It's been a month since I wrote anything here, and I'm ashamed to say that I nearly forgot that I even owned a blog. Yikes. Guess I haven't had as much time as I would have liked. 

So what's been going on? Well... To me, it feels like everything's been going on all at once. A whirlwind of concerts with choir, overload of homework, going to the States for a funeral, coming back to two intense weeks with concerts every single day, continuing onto a stressing AT-project on World War 1 in school, arranging and participating in a flash-mob at CBS, going to France on an exchange trip with my class, and now, FINALLY, it's fall vacation!

So yeah. In short: I've been busy.

Now, I'm so glad to be off school, off choir, and back in my own country. Even though Copenhagen is a little cold, dark and gloomy, it's kind of great being back. And back to normal in several ways.

Up until now, I've spent my vacation working (I've had my job at Café Norden in inner Copenhagen for a few months now, and am still liking the hustle and bustle of the busy café), writing assignments for school (I'm a bit behind due to the long, tiresome list above, he), and hanging out with friends (seeing my best friends again for the first time in weeks, going out and drinking our favorite beer at our favorite haunts, and watching "Alfie" and coming up with the game "What would you do for Jude Law?" - incidentally, I would not have sex with him, if the only way was for me to be bathed in ketchup at all times during intercourse). So... Not much!

You know, as fun and exhilarating, if a bit stressful, these weeks have been, sometimes I wish there were more than 24 hours in one day. Then I could do all the things I never get around to doing. You know. Things like...
  • Update my blog
  • Paint my nails
  • Play the piano
  • Learn Spanish
  • Go to Tivoli for Halloween, eat candied apples and try every single ride
  • Finish a book by Austen, Dickens or Hemingway
  • Learn to cook something other than pasta
  • Read "Bridget Jones' Diary"
  • Keep a diary
  • Date (hahahahahahahaahahaha, yeah, that's possible, hahahahaha, it's totally gonna happen before I turn 40)
  • Go out and drink, party and dance (no wait, I do all three of those even though I don't have time)
  • Do Christmas-shopping before December 20th
  • Do homework thoroughly
  • Go to the movies to see cartoons with my family, like when I was a kid
  • Become freakishly stylish and well-groomed due to an inflation of cash in my wallet arriving from the cool writing/singing/journalist/fashion-job I don't have
  • Look into study options and scholarships for studying abroad
  • Lie down on my sofa and watch "The Avengers" with my little sister
  • Eat without standing up or walking at the same time
  • Read Vogue, Marie-Claire or Elle from cover to cover
  • See all my friends, and divide my time equally and perfectly between all of them
  • Go ice-skating
And a million other things that I should remember, but I have forgotten, seeing as I'm actually in the middle of writing a music assignment, and shouldn't be daydreaming about candied apples and reading Austen.

But hey. One thing I just remembered is this: Even though I don't really have time to do any of the above, I somehow manage to do some of those things once in a while and manage school, work and choir. Just not all at once.

So, back to the start of this post, I just arrived home from France a couple days ago. And the great thing about that trip was, that you were forced to concentrate on simple things, one at a time. For example, we were staying with French families, and the only thing I would concentrate on in the morning, was how to say "I would like a coffee the size of my head" in polite French. Other times, concentration was focused on other things, such as socializing in French, trying not to piss of the grumpy French natural-science teacher, understand what was special about the specific cathedral we were visiting, or ordering something eatable in actual French from an actual French waiter. In short, a great "petite pause pour moi". And no doing-it-all-at-once - now in French.

P I C T U R E S    F R O M    S C H O O L    E X C H A N G E    T R I P    T O 
M E T Z ,    F R A N C E


Well. I think that just about does it for my update.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.