Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keep It Light

So. Hi.

This Sunday afternoon, I'm just relaxing before the big shazzah! I'm starting my big 9th-grade-project this week, and our presentation is due Friday.... or is it Monday? Who cares. We'll be so incredibly busy. Our subject is torture (yikes) so I'm betting it'll be a grim week. Sigh. Well, I'll get through it.

While faced with a whole day with nothing scheduled, and then a week stuffed with activities involving writing about gruesome torture methods, I find light and positive music very attractive. I also like to look at movie trailers and short films on a day like this, for some reason. Here are some favorites for Sunday afternoons.

Now personally, I'm a fan of great music, and great humor. That's basically what I look for in everything. And if it looks pretty, I don't mind either. Hope you enjoyed some of the videoes as much as I did.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Rigtig gode sange! Især 'shed a tear' er virkelig grinern!

  2. Tak, ja det synes jeg virkelig også :) haha, jeg griner hver gang jeg ser den.

  3. Hej :)
    Har læst et par af dine indlæg, og du lader til at være virkelig god til engelsk, især for en på din alder! Er der nogen synderlig grund hertil, eller? :)

    Jeg spørger blot af nysgerrighed.

  4. Og et spørgsmål mere! Hedder du Carrie, eller er det et "kunstnernavn"? :)

  5. Hej,
    Ja, jeg må sige jeg "snyder" lidt. Min mor er fra USA, og derfor taler jeg flydende engelsk.
    Carrie er mit amerikanske kælenavn - så ja, en slags "kunstnernavn" er det vel :)
    - Carrie

  6. tænkte det nok;)
    hvad hedder du da rigtigt?