Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making The Election A Laugh.

So. Hi.

Don't you get tired of being serious all the time? I know I do.

Everybody (well, practically everybody) in Denmark is getting ready for the election, which is, uh, let me see, when was it again... TOMORROW. So tomorrow we'll know who's going to rule our country for the next 4 years. Cheers to that!

It's been an exciting few weeks for me, listening and watching the debates, sometimes even getting so close to the heads of the parties that I could lick their noses, and I have grown more and more agitated. And for once, I actually kind of care what's going on in this election.

Which is why it, of course, drives me absolutely insane to hear about it all the time.

I simply can't take any more serious pre-election talk. I can't wait for it all to be over tomorrow. I still have another 2 years to go before I can vote, so it's not like I'm even rooting especially for one party (though Enhedslisten, Radikale Venstre and SF are a few personal favorites, thank you for asking). It seems that everyone at Aurehøj, my high school, is really geared up about it. And though it's really quite interesting, I can't help but snicker when things get a little too serious...

I guess I'm just that immature.

A new hobby of mine has been to look for vandalized and/or unfortunate posters for the various political parties...

Translated from Danish: "Starting the growth - in the weiner*"

* Penis / dick / cock / disco stick / joymaker / little general / lovemaking tool

To translate this, I have to tell you, that the man running for the party Ny Alliance (New Alliance) is Joachim B. Olsen, a famous Danish shot putter. Let's just say that I, and many others, find his way of expressing himself, and discussing political manners... Interesting. And that, when he goes to various high schools (including mine) to promote his work, there is always at least one person - student, teacher or competitor - that comes with some ball-related comment. Yes, I know. It's extremely mature.

And I love it. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm so sorry. I have to laugh. Just this once.

Translation from Danish: "I throw yellowrock balls"
I have no idea what yellowrock means, or if it is an actual word. Google translate doesn't know either, haha.

Translation from Danish: "I throw balls" (again)
Written on his forehead: "Gay"

I guess this last picture can't really be translated in the same fashion. Well, as you might have noticed, there is a woman on this picture, which is a political poster for the party Radikale Venstre (B). The name on the poster is Lars Richard Rasmussen. We have already established that she is female, no?

Well... Lars is a man's name...

Confused? So am I.

I can tell you that Lars Richard Rasmussen looks like this:

They are not the same person. Can we agree on that?

Maybe it's just me, who doesn't get his campaign. Is he supporting women's right? Is the woman on the picture a member of Radikale? Or does she just serve as a classic sex symbol (which may be underlined by the fact that someone wrote "Fuck me" with a magic marker on the poster), a confusing factor in our soon-to-be-final political decision, or something else entirely?

I don't really know. In fact, I don't really know what has motivated any of these people to point the tips of their sharpies at the different parties, and use different sex-related euphimisms to ridicule them.

All I know is that it cracks me up. But hey - am I the only one?

Have a good election people. And bytheway, who are you voting for? Or who would you vote for, if you could? I'll make a survey in the side of the blog, so you can just tack off the party you like the best.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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