Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Life As It Is Right Now

Hello again. Just a quick update on how my life is going at the moment:

  • I have no boyfriend
  • I have a huge desire to acquire a boyfriend
  • I have a crush on the absolutely wrong guy!!!!!
  • I have a guy texting and calling me constantly (said guy whom best friend has been seeing)
  • I have the biggest pile of homework I could ever have imagined - and this gets refilled weekly
  • I have a very limited social life, since said homework takes up so much of my time
  • I have lost body fat from doing aerobics classes at my gym (can literally feel my flubbies shrinking)
  • I have discovered that I have very little muscle in my arms, and therefore have a hard time lifting a 5-kilo weight....
  • I have a best friend who has always been weird, and is getting steadily weirder....
  • I have a ton of clothes in my closet, none of which I have any desire to wear
  • I have basically no money left for this month (except to buy concert-ticket for my friend.... must ask mom to donate money to my own ticket!!)
  • I have a candy-problem. Am becoming addicted to sour wine gums
  • I have an enormous craving for the most goooooooooooooooooorgeous high-heeled boots - you know, the kind that come in leather, with a thick heel?
  • I have been researching a lot of bloggers today, and have found out that there indeed are many more interesting bloggers out there than me...
  • I have one reader on this blog, which is pathetic, and, to top that off: she's my best friend
  • I have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because he is amazing and hot and cool and....
  • I have an obsession with writing, although no one really reads what I "publish".....
  • I have a craving for cake, but I don't have the money to buy any, and I can't bake AT ALL!
  • I have to get those booooooooooooots!!!!!!
  • I have been writing for a while now?
  • I have a paper due on Friday, an essay on the concept off "fall" as in the season, and I want to write it really well, but I just CAN'T because fall SUCKS
  • I have an iPod Classic, silver, which has 3380 songs on it!
  • I have exactly 50 CD's, which is pretty darn cool
  • I have........... an unknown number of books. Many many many books!!
  • I have read the Harry Potter series a total of 7 times (each and every book)
  • I have an unexplainable love for Harry Potter, chick movies, sour candy and prunes
  • I have, or used to have, a "basket" on which contained around 30 items, and cost over 300 pounds.........! How is that possible???
  • I have bought most of the music I want, but I still manage to find more
  • I have a dog that likes to sniff my friends' butts when they come over. If they're really lucky, he'll even try to hump their leg.
  • I have at least 8 lone socks in my drawer, that seemingly have never had a partner
  • I have a container of satay sauce in my fridge, which expired in year 2004. And I ate some of it this weekend.
  • I have to say that I really fucking HATE fall!
  • I have a pretty good life, I'm confident of that
  • I have my flaws (God, or whoever it is, knows how many....)
  • I have a firm resolution to keep blogging, until I'm followed by at least 10 people.
  • I have to go now.
Thanks for listening to my rant. Hope some of the content made you laugh (preferably most of it).

Now, something else that will make you laugh. It made me laugh anyway!! So hard that I nearly pissed myself, so that's good.... I guss.... Haha. Seriously, check out his channel!

Charlie Is So Cool Like aka Charlie McDonnell

Oh dear. That really does kill me every single time.

I Am Roseberry

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