Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So. Hi.

My exams are still going at full speed. More like gut-wrenching, reality-shaking, core-melting speed, actually. It's as if I'm flying through each subject... Danish, math, English, who really cares anymore? Now I just want all of this stressful exam-business over with.

As if that weren't enough, the weather has changed -- yet again! This time, it's for the worse. It's basically raining all the time, it's beneath 10 degrees celsius every day, and I swear, even though it looks toasty hot out there when you're sitting inside, what with the deluding sunshine and encouraging bird-twitter, it's like visiting the North Pole (the melted version) every time I step out the front door. Sigh.

Maybe I should be optimistic about this. Maybe the Big Guy is being merciful on us, granting us horrible weather, so that we'll be focused on our exams, instead of daydreaming about sunshine and beaches and sunglasses and bathing and....

Too late.



Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Selvom jeg eeeeeeelsker regn, så måtte det godt være varmere :(
    Men! Der står i vejrudsigten at det allerede bliver omkring de 20+ grader på søndag og frem :D
    Ps, håber du er ready til Turboweekend imorgen, jeg har fundet min billet ;)

  2. Jeg håber virkelig at vejret bliver godt igen! Er der noget jeg hader, så er det regn. Men det har faktisk ikke været så slemt denne her gang. Og ja! Det må MEGET gerne blive varmere.

    Hahahahaha, jeg glemte Turboweekend...

    - Caro