Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recommending... // Wild Beasts

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Wild Beasts' album, "Two Dancers" (from 2009). Because it's the one I know, the one I love, and the one I listen to the most. My favorite track by far is "All The Kings Men", but the song "Empty Nest" also has a special place in my heart. Although I can recommend this particular album on the warmest of emphasizes, I have a feeling that their old album, "Limbo Panto", and their newly released album "Smother" will also be joining my collection soon! The latter includes the wonderful song "Reach A Bit Further", which I absolutely love as well.

After a long time of unfortunately ignoring the album labelled "Two Dancers" by Wild Beasts on my iPod, I have rediscovered their wonderful music. I found them some time last year, on a music-hunting spree, in which I vigorously gutted the internet for all it was worth. Somehow, I found Wild Beasts, and, though I forgot them for quite some time, I'm so glad I did.

Their music really suits my current state of mind. I need something alternative, but not too weird. I need something cosy, but not too boring. I need something funny and quirky but listen-able. I need something that's Wild and Beastly, and at the same time quick, fragile and mmmh.

They're quirky. Their lyrics are well thought-out, but not too standoffish and nose-in-sky-ish. They're British. And their name gives off vibes of "Where The Wild Things Are"; a book that I only vaguely remember loving in my childhood. Ironically enough, I had forgotten about that book for quite some time, until I coincidentally bumped over it again, marveling at its funny and quicky pictures. Sort of how I reacted when I found Wild Beasts again. Ha.

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I Am Roseberry.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh My, Oh Land.... Oh No, Wait, We've Had That Title Before!

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Last week, I didn't post at all. And for that, I apologize. But, seen in the light of what I've been doing, I think you'll forgive me...

Last week, my choir sang with the amazing Danish artist, Oh Land. And yes, that includes me.


We sang loudly à la Bulgarian folk-singers, while flowing down the stairs of the DR Concerthall, dressed all in lacy white. Some of us carried large, long white branches on our arms, making us look like a big, white, walking wood; others carried long white pennants, swinging them above our heads, while jumping and dancing around. We rocked out, we sang like angels, and we got to take off our girls choir-faces for just a week.

If it's possible, I'm an even bigger fan of Oh Land now. From now on, I can't listen to "We Turn It Up" without thinking about running around with my pennant, jumping up and down to the music, while singing random strangers right in the face, laughing at their surprised and awed smiles.

I have been such a huge fan of Oh Land, and her amazing, dreamy music, for so long. Back when I wrote the post "Oh My, Oh Land!", in which I raved and fawned completely over her music, I had never imagined I would experience, what I did last week. I never thought that would be possible for me. But chill, though. It was only the most amazing thing I've ever participated in.

Oh Land, you still have all my respect. And my unending appreciation and love for your dreamy, magical music. Wow.

PS: For more amazing pictures and descriptions of the concert, read the raving 5-star reviews of Oh Land's concerts in Gaffa and BT!

O H     L A N D

M A G I C A L ,    M U S I C A L ,    W O N D E R F U L

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I Am Roseberry.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For The Closet, The Ears, The Eyes And The Mind.

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F O R    T H E    C L O S E T

1. ASOS Cream-colored twist dress       2. Selected Printed Mari dress
3. and 4. Ted Baker Black Lurex dress with low back

Even though I am litterally completely one hundred thousand percent broke, I took the liberty of ordering not one, not two, but three dresses from ASOS the other day.

Don't despair! It has purpose. "Årsbal" (the only equivalent I can find for the word is "prom", except it's not as dressy-datey-flowers-and-limos-and-awkward-couple-photos) at Aurehøj is coming up, and as terribly and insufferably cliché as it might sound, I don't have a dress. Technically, I have mountains of clothes basically falling out of my closet, and even some dresses in there. But. If you're a girl, then you'll know the urge to wear anything but what's in your closet. Especially to this kind of event. Or. Scratch that. To any event.

Unless your smarter and more practical than me.

Oh well. Hopefully my three dresses are somewhere on their way to me as we speak. Nevertheless, they look pretty on-screen, no?

F O R    T H E    E A R S


F O R    T H E    E Y E S   &   M I N D

Some other things that, hopefully, look pretty on screen. And are new. I've been playing with a new version of my photo-editing program, Picasa. This is the result. It's just for fun, though. Smile.

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I Am Roseberry.

Monday, April 9, 2012


So. Hi.

I R I S     A P F E L

Ella Fitzgerald Puttin' On The Ritz

I randomly stopped by our kitchen table this morning. Lying on it was MS, the picture above flattering its cover immensely. At first, it made me giggle. When I came back later, I felt intrigued. After having read the article, I felt (to tell you the truth) slightly overwhelmed. Once in a while, when I read about extraordinary people, I get that feeling; the feeling of being inspired, of seeing a glimpse of a new perspective, of entertainment and respect. That's how I felt, when I read about Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel is the new muse for many a fashionhouse. At 95 years old, she is an inspiration for many, with her very personal style (collected through the years from many different countries and ages), her humour, her wit, and her huge, round glasses.

Most importantly she is a brilliant example of style. Style that is not only about being young and fit and commercially beautiful. Style that favours asthetics over youth, and personal style over physical beauty. Style that makes us look forward to being in our 90's, so that we too can wear red lipstick, huge round glasses, and drape our body in eccentric jewellery from all over the world.

I R I S    A P F E L
The coolest grandma I know. Except my own, of course. Ha.
Advanced Style Interview with Iris Apfel
"I'm not some empty-headed fashionista"

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.