Sunday, March 18, 2012

The First Day Of Spring.

So. Hi.

Jamie Cullum If I Ruled The World

This last Friday was a perfect "first day of spring". Originally, our class had to be at school at 10 o'clock. But when I (and some of the others as well, I might add) showed up, our class was cancelled. So me and two of my good friends from class, M and C, spent two hours lounging about in the sun, drinking coffee, and talking about girls, boys and summertime bathing. After only a couple hours of school, my class headed out to the football field at Aurehøj, drank some beer, and while the guys played football, the girls (myself included) sat on a bench and watched, while cheering and laughing as if we were semi-hysterical teenagers in a bad american rom-com (only to be interrupted by extremely high-pitched screaming when the ball flew our way). The rest of my day was equally wonderful, and spent with friends all around me, until the day was way over, and continuing into the next.

Ah. Don't you love days like that?

My lovely friend took some photos of us girls, as we sat and watched football. I just saw them tonight, and they made me smile so much, that I had to share them. I love you girls. (And you look very pretty, I might add).

I F    I    R U L E D    T H E    W O R L D ,    E V E R Y    D A Y    W O U L D    B E    T H E   
F I R S T    D A Y    O F    S P R I N G

Photography Marie-Louise Pierini Lüders
The lovely photographer herself.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Wow, nogen flotte billeder + en fed blog ! Er først lige begyndt at følge dig nu og det har været en fornøjelse. Hvis du gider så tjek lige min blog, jeg er lige begyndt. Men det ville gøre mig glad:

    1. Ih tak, hvor er du sød :-) Det er virkelig dejligt at få nye læsere; så velkommen til! Jeg er glad for, du kan lide det. Jeg har tjekket din blog, og den er virkelig fin og rar! Pøj pøj med den!