Thursday, March 29, 2012

"TO DO"-list for Warm, Windy Spring Day.

So. Hi.

What to do on a warm (but, admittedly, slightly windy) spring day, when you have oceans of time, and close to nothing to do...


♥    Go to a café.
      Preferrably with your best girlfriends. Drink a cup of coffee the size of your head, eat obscure amounts of cake, and talk about sex.

♥    Walk through town.
       In the sun, avoiding the shade, and letting the wind wip your hair around your face. Listening to music at the same time, and smiling at strangers.

♥    Watch "Sex and the City".
      Because it's been a while, and you know you want to. If you feel bad about staying inside, convince yourself that it's too cold to hang around out there for ages, anyway.

♥    Put your hair up in a bun.
      So tight and fluffy that the wind won't damage your hair, and you won't swallow strands of it, as it swirls around you.

♥    Go to the library.
      Just pop by, and look at the books, scroll through the music isle, or plant yourself at one of the tables with a book. If you're very practical and slightly stressed (like... well, me), bring along your homework, and work on it there. The atmosphere's always nice and quiet. Place yourself within glancing-distance of the world outside.

♥    Wear sneakers and sunglasses and a leather jacket and colors and a smile.
       Because it looks awesome.

♥    Take a nap.
       Because you secretly love it.

♥    Listen to Gotye's "State of the Art".
      Because it is awesome (and it's stuck on my brain).

♥    Ignore schoolwork for a while.
      And don't even think of getting it out; it would just blow away. Or. Something like that.

♥    Make a photobomb.
      Bombard your unknowing and unprepared readers with pictures of double-chin'ed cats, of Obama knuckle-bumping a random dude, and of sunshine and pretty things.

Gotye State Of The Art

P H O T O B O M B    F O R    A    W I N D Y    D A Y

Perhaps I should get myself a little notebook, scrap-book, diary-type thingy. Or perhaps just write more in my current one. Always wish I had time to do more things like that... Conserving the moment and whatnot.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.