Friday, February 25, 2011

Rock and Roll

So. Hi.

Atm, music is what's taking up my mind. I just ordered tickets for several concerts, and have therefore been looking at a lot of music. Just today, I found a new band that I really like! It's been a while since I discovered some music that I really like, so I couldn't be more pleased.

The band is called Black Mountain, and they're just a really classic, good rock band. I haven't been listening to nearly enough Rock'n Roll lately, and man, do these guys rock. Actually, they're playing a concert at Little Vega in march. I'm actually really considering whether I would like to go... Rumor has it that Adele will be warming up for them. Really? Adele sings in a pretty different genre, and is also more well-known. It would be awesome if the rumor was true, but I just don't know. Do you guys know anything about it?

Well... I give you :

B L A C K    M O U N T A I N

Pretty cool, aren't they? As I said, they're playing at Little Vega in march. Which brings me to my next subject: The concerts that I actually have tickets for. Well, the concerts that I have bought tickets for are pretty cool too. I'm going to three concerts -- at least for now. I'm going to see Mads Langer, Turboweekend and Treefight for Sunlight.

A great young Danish singer. The young man is related to Mattias Kolstrup, the lead singer of Dúné, whom I really like! I guess you could call me a fan of that family. Mads' style is slightly different though -- more melancholic and "soft" rock, I guess. He has a great voice, and is good on the piano and guitar. Click his name at the top, to listen to his song, "Fact-Fiction".

I discovered Turboweekend some time this winter. I can't say that it was love-at-first-listen. But I really liked their song "Wash Out", and so, I just started listening to them from there. Their genre is mostly electronic rock, going on alternative. The band just released a new EP, which I really like -- click their name at the top, to see a song from the awesome EP!

I just recently had my eyes opened to Treefight for Sunlight. I stumbled across them on youtube, and since then, it's been a real sweet love affair. I really like the band -- they have such a positive, happy style. The genre is mostly indie, alternative, and maybe a little "dreamy pop" too. Click their name at the top, to listen to a live-recording of their song, "What became of you and I?". I picked this version, because I think that it shows their creative atmosphere really well.

They are all artists that I really like and respect. I can't WAIT to hear how they all are live! What I really would have liked, though, is if I could have seen the concerts of Adele and VETO ... sadly, both of their concerts were completely sold out by the time I tried to order tickets. DAMN IT! Nevermind, though. I hear that VETO will be playing another concert in October. I'll catch them there, I'm sure! Concerning Adele, I'm pretty sure that I missed my chance. I hope that she'll be playing in Copenhagen again -- soon!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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