Saturday, June 18, 2011


So. Hi.

 C O U N T D O W N :    E X A C T L Y     7     D A Y S     T O     R O Z Z K I L L

My life is basically revolving around Roskilde Festival at the moment. Or. Well, that's not quite true. That's what it should be revolving around. But I just can't get myself together to sit down, and plan the damn thing. The most I have done in the vague direction of planning, is buying a black leather fannypack. That's how practical and well-organized I am: I prioritize accesories over, hm, let's say, getting some sort of roof over my head for the week.

Basically, I'm screwed. Since I'm going to Rozzkill with my choir, I had somehow imagined that all my problems would be magically solved by DR's Roskilde-fairy. But no. Of course not. I'm a big girl, I should be making these arrangements and decisions myself. Sigh. So now, with only 7 days to go, I'm starting my own little to-do list. I should be able to get most of it checked off, since I'm now on summer vacation.

To do:
  • Find a tent ☑ / ☒
  • The family might have one that I can use... But I am to be camping with 5 other girls, all with a need for space for themselves, and their bulging baggage.

  • Retrieve sleeping bag and mattress
  • I do own a sleeping bag, though it is not doing so well... But I know that my practical family must have some extras. And the mattresses are easy -- we have tons of those left over from camping trips. Thank god, at least I have one thing all set!

  • Buy food for the entire week  
  • Oh shit crap fuck. What the fuck am I going to eat???

  • Find some means of cooking and/or heating such as disposable grills and water heaters
  • I feel more and more disorganized by the second. If I ever manage to get food for the week, I'll most probably be eating it raw or deepfrozen.

  • Buy drinks for the entire week
  • Why don't you just shoot me now? I do not only have to buy, but I also have to transport these supposedly litres of alcohol. (I can already feel my wallet heaving...)

  • Money!
  • Riiiiiight. Yeah. No. I'm broke. Fuck.

  • Fannypack
  • Haha! I just bought a black leather fannypack for all my valuables yesterday. I feel so practical and fash. Take that, incapable-of-planning-anything-teenage-brain!

  • Shop for / scavenge from closet: Awesome festival clothes and accessories, that look good, can withstand any kind of weather and/or nonstop partying, and will not let me freeze to death or sweat buckets  Are you freaking kidding me?

I suddenly have a huge urge to shoot myself right now. Sigh. I'm just not meant for this type of planning. My brain can't function around planning. It just shuts down. And here I am, partying along, lazing about in the sun, or taking naps of about 2 hours, not thinking of anything, when one of the biggest events of this year is steadily sneaking up on me. How the fuck am I going to get ready for this?

Prepare for a lot of Rozzkill-related news from now on. Only 7 days until showtime! I just hope that my list won't look just as blank by then...

Katy Perry Last Friday Night


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  1. Hvor har du købt din bæltetaske og hvor meget måtte du give for den?:) Jeg leder nemlig selv desperat efter en og har kun fundet en i gina tricot

  2. Jeg har købt den i en random butik der hedder Skindhuset. Den ligger lige ved siden af den store H&M inde i byen. Men jeg har kun givet 50 kr. for det! Det er så billigt sluppet.


  3. Mange tak for tippet! :)