Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Darlin' , It's Cold Outside

So. Hi.


Just went out to snap a few photo's of the blistering cold outside. The snow is falling in buckets right now, and the ice down by the harbor is..... well, to put it mildly.... out of control. I went to take a few pictures of the ice -- and, might I add, fell on my butt several times, in a strange imitation of Charlie Chaplin. I did this with Male, whom I have mentioned to you many times. As we speak, I'm heading off to sing at my choir. I'm in a artistic mood today, which could explain all the music-listening I've been doing.

Have, bytheway, just booked concert ticket to see Mads Langer in Big Vega. He's a very talented young Danish artist, and I've seen him playing as a guest at a Dúné concert once. Did you know that Mattias Kolstrup, the lead singer of Dúné, and Mads Langer are related?? Well, they are. Funny that I like them so much, when they're in the same family... Can't wait to see Mads Langer perform!

Am also booking concert ticket to go see Treefight for Sunlight playing at Little Vega. Great concerts right now! Sadly, I was too late to book concert tickets for VETO and Adele, who are both playing in Big Vega soon..... Tough luck! But it will be great to see the other two concerts... And perhaps Turboweekend too? Who knows. Life is full of infinite possibilities!

Here are some pictures of the icy weather we've been having in Copenhagen. And no, the pictures are NOT from Antartica.




Hopefully you enjoyed the music, and the pictures. Have a good day, lovelies! But bundle up... 'cause darlin', it's cold outside.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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