Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Things Never Change -- Bathtime Fun in 2011

So. Hi.

With a new year comes new things. New experiences. New friends, new enemies, new lovers. But some things stay the same. You are still you, no matter how much you change -- and I'm still me, no matter how much this blog might change. I'm personally hoping that 2011 will be "the year where the shit hit the pan" for me. I'm hoping that many things will change in 2011, and that my readers will want to see things change with me.

So, 3 days into 2011, I want to raise a fictional glass to us -- to the new year -- to change!

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So, as a special New Year's treat to myself, I spent basically the whole day taking a bath. Yes, I'm serious.

Yesterday, and the day before that (I'm a little mixed up in the dates) I flew home from Phoenix, AZ. The trip took..... Well I'm not quite sure, with all the waiting, and the time-difference and all that. Okay okay, I'm taking some time to figure this out...

Denmark is 8 hours ahead of Phoenix in time. 
Departure from Phoenix: 9pm (Phoenix time) so that would be... 5am (Danish time) on December 2nd
Arrival in Denmark: December 2nd at 11:30pm (Danish time)!

Omg, I travelled for 18½ hours! No wonder I slept for 12½ hours tonight!

Well, travelling for that long in a stuffy airplane always leaves my skin completely dried up, my hair a mess, and my clothes smelling of airplane-food. Ugh, that smell. It's something like the mixture of hand lotion, beans and brown-sauce-in-a-can.

As I said before, in a new year, some things have gotta change. But some things never do, like my joy for relaxing in the bath, and my love for cupcakes. Today, the two of them came together in my long, luxurious bath, which I decided to treat myself to. Here's my "recipe" for bathtime-fun!

 B A T H T I M E - F U N    W I T H    C U P C A K E    B A T H B O M B

The shampoo I use, which is my favorite so far. Is great to tame the frizz of curly hair!
FRIZZ-EASE Curl Around Style-Activating conditioner (left) and shampoo (right)

My newly bought face-wash and -scrub. I just switched brands, and I'm finding the change very welcome. These specific two product do have a rather bad smell though. Bummer.
ORIGINS Never a dull moment clenser (left) and Modern Friction scrub (right)

My favorite ORIGINS products. I use the mosturizing cream in the middle all the time, and it makes my skin as soft as a baby's butt! The spot remover is GOD, bytheway. I can personally garantee, that after 3 days, the pimple will have dissappeared!
ORIGINS Make a Difference face tonic (left), Make a Difference mosturizing cream (middle) and Spot Remover anti-blemish treatment gel.

Uhmmm. I have very dry skin, and have always used fat lotions from pharmacies and stuff -- until I tried this. It both smells good, and makes my skin soft.
THE BODY SHOP Shea Body Butter

This amazing cupcake-bathbomb was used with glee today by a giggling me. My aunt sent it to me via ebubbles for Christmas this year. Isn't it awesome? To use bathbombs, simply fill your bath tub with hot water, and drop the bomb -- it'll fizz and make the water all milky. Some bathbombs even have scents -- this one was vanilla.
EBUBBLES Cupcake bathbomb

Look at it dissolve!

After my bath, I relaxed in my fluffy new bathrobe. It's just the kind I wished for this Christmas. Uhmmmmm. Here I am, looking very clean and un-make-up'ed.
MACY'S Bathrobe, white

Well, this is me, signing off. I hope that you enjoyed my little bathtime-fun tips. I can really recommend all the products in this post, my favorite being the Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop. Take some time off for yourself in this brand new year, and remember to relax once in a while!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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