Monday, March 26, 2012

Recommending... // Gotye

So. Hi.

Gotye's new album, "Making Mirrors". If you haven't heard it yet, the album is wonderful. My all time favorite track is definitely "Eyes Wide Open", but I also like "Somebody That I Used To Know" and "In Your Light", among others. His other album, "Like Drawing Blood", from 2006, is also very good; especially "Learnalilgivinanlovin".

I had a hard time adapting to Gotye. Actually, I didn't like him at first. At all.

You have probably heard the song "Somebody That I Used To Know" before. I know it's been playing nonstop on the radio, whenever I've turned it on; and that every girl in my year knows all the lyrics, and will gladly join in loudly screeching it in the locker room with you. So yeah; it's everywhere.

If you, for reasons that are beyond me, haven't heard of Gotye; well, give him a try. I didn't like "Somebody That I Used To Know" at first; the "jumpy" guitar and slightly absurd xylophone playing in the background ensured that the song didn't rub me exactly the right way. Eventually, I had to give in; I learned to like it. And Gotye. Soon I found myself purchasing Gotye's entire album.

He says things like this.
"And so, having found success in Australia, Oz music industry parlance dictates that I should now be poised to "conquer the world".
But that all sounds a bit tediously colonial, doesn't it. [...] It also sounds a bit cruel. I mean, who wants to be attacked, enslaved and put to work in a rubber mill by a relatively unknown Australian alt-pop musician?
No-one, that's right. And their grandmother."

Gotye's real name is Wally De Backer (born Wouter, "Walter" in English). The name "Gotye" comes from "Gaultier", which is the French equivalent of Wouter. He has wide lips and Jesus-like hair. His voice sounds amazing when he hits the high notes. Especially when he sings "Eyes Wide Open". Some have gone to the extent of comparing his voice to Sting (I'm not one of these people though; I have a hard time spotting the likeness in sound). He is Belgian-Australian. He has made three albums; "Boardface", "Like Drawing Blood" ("I called this collection of songs "Like Drawing Blood", because of an injury I suffered while licking an envelope" says Gotye) and "Making Mirrors". His songs feature weird music videos with clay monsters. The artwork for "Making Mirrors" is a photoshopped version of an old painting made by his father, which Gotye found amongst old bills and newspapers in his parents' barn. And his bio on his internet page is self-written, and absolutely hilarious (please check it out).

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Wow, this is amazing. I have never heard of this Gotye-guy, but I already fell in love with his music.

    Thank you!

    Cheers from Australia.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I agree, he's really amazing. Thanks for stopping by :-)