Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For The Closet, The Ears, The Eyes And The Mind.

So. Hi.

F O R    T H E    C L O S E T

1. ASOS Cream-colored twist dress       2. Selected Printed Mari dress
3. and 4. Ted Baker Black Lurex dress with low back

Even though I am litterally completely one hundred thousand percent broke, I took the liberty of ordering not one, not two, but three dresses from ASOS the other day.

Don't despair! It has purpose. "Årsbal" (the only equivalent I can find for the word is "prom", except it's not as dressy-datey-flowers-and-limos-and-awkward-couple-photos) at Aurehøj is coming up, and as terribly and insufferably cliché as it might sound, I don't have a dress. Technically, I have mountains of clothes basically falling out of my closet, and even some dresses in there. But. If you're a girl, then you'll know the urge to wear anything but what's in your closet. Especially to this kind of event. Or. Scratch that. To any event.

Unless your smarter and more practical than me.

Oh well. Hopefully my three dresses are somewhere on their way to me as we speak. Nevertheless, they look pretty on-screen, no?

F O R    T H E    E A R S


F O R    T H E    E Y E S   &   M I N D

Some other things that, hopefully, look pretty on screen. And are new. I've been playing with a new version of my photo-editing program, Picasa. This is the result. It's just for fun, though. Smile.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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