Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Temporary Goodbye

So. Hi.

I Am Roseberry will be on pause for an unknown amount of time. It's not that I'm leaving; I never am, I don't think that's physically possible for me. But I need a break. Posts will arrive infrequently and probably unsatisfyingly so. But know that I am busy, I am happy, and I am still Roseberry.

................ Didn't think you were going to get off that easy, did you? 

T H I S    I S    AN    " I ' M    S O R R Y    I    D O N ' T    H A V E    T I M E    F O R    Y O U    G U Y S    A T    T H E    M O M E N T ,    B U T    I    N E E D    M Y    B R A I N    I N    A  
N O N - M E L T E D    S T A T E  . . . "    P H O T O B O M B

My boyfriend adressing the Golddiger inside me...

The path to my actually arriving at school on time is apparently laid with alarm clock carpets.

How I feel after too much bar-hopping.

What I wish my school tests looked like...

"I didn't choose the Empire life - the Empire life chose me"

"I didn't choose the Thug life - the Thug life chose me"

 Exactly what my own dog does. Except he growls and barks as well as begging.

When I feel academically prepared for a night on the town...

My little sister and I on Christmas morning in the States!

The Grinch in my heart!

My next Halloween costume.

World's best girls and world's best burgers.

My best friend when he's feeling a little too charming.

Because even though sneakers on Instagram partially make me want to throw up, they also make me want to smash the piggy-banks of small children to purchase them...

Me to my Mom every day...


The British to American English dictionary you have always needed!

So long kiddos. Catch up with you in a few.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. noo don't leave sweetheart? ;'-/''

  2. NOO! I'm blind without ur guidance! xD

  3. Beautiful princess WHERE ARE YOU.

  4. Det er stadig trist - lad mig vide hvis du laver noget lignende et andet sted!!!