Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanks A Lot, Merci Beaucoup, Tusind Tak!

So. Hi.

Just bringing my lovely readers up-to-date on how it's going for me and my teeny-tiny blog. I've been so pleased to see your comments -- I promise that I read them all religiously. And when I get a new follower (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) needless to say, I basically piss my self for joy. More or less.

The reason I'm posting is just to tell you about a small personal accomplishment of mine. In one of my former posts, I described my desperation in only having a single follower -- and this follower was my best friend. This was in September. At the time, I vowed that I wouldn't stop blogging until I had at least 10 followers.

Well, the day has come. Actually, the day has passed, if you count my lovely readers on Bloglovin' , I have had 10 readers for a while. But today, I received my 10th blogspot-follower. Something inside me just went "poof!" when I saw the little lable on my screen reading 10, not 9 and not 4 -- 10!!

I realize, what with all the talented bloggers out there, that 10 is not a large number. But for me, this small feat is monumental. Maybe I'm not a vital addition to the blogging community. Sure, I'm not at all well-known, or even semi well-known -- hell, I'm not even known! But today I reached that small goal I set for myself, and that means something for me. So I'd like to thank my small group of readers for supporting me. Even though you might grow tired of me, and even though these 10 readers will be all I ever get, I'll keep blogging.

So, for the sake of goal-setting and -achieving: I'm setting a new goal for myself.

I    W I L L    R E A C H    2 0    F O L L O W E R S
in some foreseeable future

So, everyone. If there's anything you'd like to see more of from me -- just vote in the poll in the sidebar. Also, if there's anything that I'm not doing, or if you have any suggestions, please just drop me a line at, or just add a comment!

And, to make sure that this post isn't all about me, I'd like to honor some of the people, who are more talented than I am.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. you can write 11, but I can't figure bloglovin og google follower out, and I haven't got a blog myself, so 11 is unofficial you number of followers, because I read your blog every day.
    BUT - I would love to see more of YOU! Your clothes, your daily outfit or what you eat for lunch!
    That would be nice!
    Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Wow, thanks so much :) that means a lot to me.
    Great! I love a good suggestion -- I'll try to include more of myself in le blog :)
    Again, thaaaaaank you.
    - Carrie