Monday, January 17, 2011

Shoes, Goddammit, More Shoes!

So. Hi.

From the title, I'm hoping that you have guessed that today's post shall be about shoes.

Oooh, shoes. Just a simple object to put on your feet. But to me, and many other girls I hasten to say, it's the gateway to feetly heaven.

I've gone into a completely ridiculous, obsessive fetish with shoes at the moment. One of the last things I think about, before I close my eyes and sleep, is shoes. I close my eyes -- I think of shoes. I sleep -- I dream of shoes. I wake up -- I think of ............ (nothing) ............ and then I think of shoes.

I don't know what it is about shoes, that has suddenly smitten me, as it has so many others before me. Is it the mere act of strapping a pair of gorgeous leather sandals onto your feet, that makes those extra $200 seem unmissed? What is it about shoes, that makes me think, that any shoe-obsessed woman would hesitate between the choice of an orgasm, and putting on a pair of high-heeled shoes? The feeling of putting on new shoes, the intoxicating smell wavering through the room, the leather soft and durable beneath your nimble hands, the satisfied sigh escaping your mouth as the second shoe slips on at last ... It can't really be compared to anything else.

So yes, I must admit this: I have a shoe-fetish. I am in love with shoes, obsessed even. But, thankfully, I know I'm not the only one.

'Cause, in the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw:  
“It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!”

ACNE Admire Boot
This one-of-a-kind black leather boot has always held a very special place in my heart. Actually, no, it's only lately that I've warmed to them -- but things have really started to heat up between the two of us!

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, Ponyhair Lita Boots
Great platform boots, that are a bit out of the ordinary. I love the original, but this pony-haired version caught my eye at Polyvore -- loving it!

JOE'S JEANS, Princess Platform
This pretty little platform shoe with winding ribbons will make me feel like a princess any time! They're very elegant, yet clunky -- just the way I like it. 

TOPSHOP, Scarlett Coral Suede Pumps
Pretty in pink, that's what I think! Well, I guess technically it's coral, but aren't they just a little fab anyway?

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Wooden Heel Suede Ankle Boot
It was my friend, Male, that introduced me to these cute boots, and it has been a brief, but sweet love-affair between them and my ankles. Wouldn't they fit nicely in my closet?

Yes, I know -- that name makes even me giggle. But come on. They sort of are foxy.

DR. MARTEN'S, White Floral Leather Boots
I already own my beloved pair of black Dr. Marten's -- which I use day in and day out, in any season or weather. But I've found myself sighing for brighter colors lately. Flowers have always been a favorite pattern of mine -- what do you think? Too much? Good. I like too much.

BOUTIQUE 9, Black Strappy Wedges
Care to try on some goddess-style wedges? I would, anyway! Kind of greek-goes-goth.

JESSICA SIMPSON, Tan Platform Boots
Okay, okay. Yes, the brand-name is ridiculous (sorry, Jessica). I mean, I've never been a fan of Ms. Simpson, and I'm still not. BUT I gotta love these shoes. They remind me so much of the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy boot, that I can't not love them.

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Black Multi Buckle Boot
After a long spell of consideration, I have decided that I do, indeed, like these boots. They're so tough-looking though, and the heel is just a little too sharp-looking for my taste. But I can't resist them anyway. Hardcore!

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, Black Leather Lita Boots
All-time favorite platform boot. Love love love them. The original black leather, as seen on this model, is my absolute favorite. I'm currently saving up for a pair, as they can now be bought in Flying A inCopenhagen, for 1300 kr. ! It's a bit much, I must admit, but I love them.... Though Mr. Campbell seemingly hasn't heard of comfortable foot-wear, he certainly has heard of style!

JOE'S JEANS, Grey Sandal Wedges
Joe's Jeans is really becoming one of my favorite brands in shoes -- right after Dr. Marten's and Jeffrey Campbell. I kind of like the idea of rocking along the beach in these babies this summer. They remind me a bit of the Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoe.

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Minnetoka Lined Zip-Boot Moccasin
Gaaaah. I've always been a lover of moccasins. Call me a hippie, I say "yippie!". But seriously. These little darlings could have kept my feet warm, and filled with peace, love and happiness all winter! I know what I want next Christmas...

TOPSHOP, Layla Block Heel
As I'm already in the sandal mood, why not? I like this Topshop-model of the clunky sandal that I'm seeing everywhere. Well, at least I'm getting the heads-up for style this summer! And maaaybe I can find a way to purchase some babies like these? You like?

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, Grey Alert Suede Boot
Uhmm. This looks good, no? Though I kind of wish it wasn't open-toe, this boot looks soft and chic, and like something that would like to keep my feet company this spring!

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Wooden Heel Leather Platform
There's just something about a good wooden heel. And, as a bonus, this particular model from UO has a unique twist of the heel (no pun intended) -- it's basically round in the heel! Hm, well, I don't know if it looks as good on me, as it does in my mind, but here's to something new and slightly weird!

The traditional black/dark grey wedge with a twist: this model has a cute pattern on the side, offering unique detail and style. I like!

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, Tassle Suede Wedges
As my very last contestant for today, I have these beautiful Jeffrey Campbell wedges. What can I say? I just wish that these pretty babies will be found in my closet this summer. Will go great with rip-off shorts and a tan, don't you think?

 Though I think that each and every one of these shoes is amazing in its own way, I know that my allowance will hardly cover one pair of these. So what should it be? Right now, I'm saving up for the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot in black leather, but after that, who knows! Maybe it'll be time for sandals by the time my Lita's make it onto my feet....

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


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  2. Man, the 'Lita's are my absolute favorite! You're breaking my heart!
    But yeah I know, the others are gorgeous too :)

  3. completely agree :) want them allll! following xo

  4. WOW SHOES. LOL. I love almost all of them, but I think my faves are that very first pair, and the doc martens. I love me some doc martens!

  5. pretty sure i would buy every pair lol
    check out my giveaway

  6. Abigail: Thanks so much, I appreciate it :)

    Sofi Stellar: I know, the Acne's are amazing. Doc Marten's are a classic, lov'em!

    Sammi Burley: Haha, I know the feeling. Will do!

  7. nice post! love the Foxy!

  8. Amico: Thanks a lot! Yeah, that's definitely a fave of mine as well :)
    - Carrie