Friday, December 30, 2011

Dressed For The New Year?

So. Hi.

I know that Christmas wishes and good cheer are overdue, and therefore, in order. I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas Eve, and that you have received many wonderful presents. More on that later; for my focus is elsewhere. With New Year's Eve looming over me, I'm hardly thinking about tinsel and holly.

Oh, the stress and joy of New Year's Eve! There are New Year's resolutions flying all around. I have none. Party invitations are being flung across the vast spaces of the internet. I have several, but no idea as to exactly what I'll be attending. Girls around the world are panicking about what they are going to wear. But I'm not one of them; not anymore. For I have found my New Year's outfit! And bought it, I might add. It's now hanging in my wardrobe, ready to be worn. And oh, will I look good. Sorry. But I'm just sayin'...


MICHAEL Michael Kors Black satin peep-toe shoes, found in Litoral
Rosemunde Black silk and sequined dress, found in SOHO

Line & Jo Miss Ewell star-earring, found in Line & Jo
Line & Jo Miss Ellenberger long feather-earring, found in Line & Jo

Oh, and don't worry. It looks even more fabulous when I put it all on. And a lot different too. For example, the dress drapes completely differently on me. Better. It looks all weird and frumpy on the picture in comparison. Ha!

But, all fun aside, I'm actually very happy with my outfit. Have you managed to find yours yet? And where did you look? If you don't have one: don't panic. You still have a whole day.

I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm having dinner with my parents and some friends, and then I'm heading to a party with some people from Aurehøj. It's going to be great. At least I hope so.

Get ready to pop some champagne people!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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