Thursday, March 29, 2012

"TO DO"-list for Warm, Windy Spring Day.

So. Hi.

What to do on a warm (but, admittedly, slightly windy) spring day, when you have oceans of time, and close to nothing to do...


♥    Go to a café.
      Preferrably with your best girlfriends. Drink a cup of coffee the size of your head, eat obscure amounts of cake, and talk about sex.

♥    Walk through town.
       In the sun, avoiding the shade, and letting the wind wip your hair around your face. Listening to music at the same time, and smiling at strangers.

♥    Watch "Sex and the City".
      Because it's been a while, and you know you want to. If you feel bad about staying inside, convince yourself that it's too cold to hang around out there for ages, anyway.

♥    Put your hair up in a bun.
      So tight and fluffy that the wind won't damage your hair, and you won't swallow strands of it, as it swirls around you.

♥    Go to the library.
      Just pop by, and look at the books, scroll through the music isle, or plant yourself at one of the tables with a book. If you're very practical and slightly stressed (like... well, me), bring along your homework, and work on it there. The atmosphere's always nice and quiet. Place yourself within glancing-distance of the world outside.

♥    Wear sneakers and sunglasses and a leather jacket and colors and a smile.
       Because it looks awesome.

♥    Take a nap.
       Because you secretly love it.

♥    Listen to Gotye's "State of the Art".
      Because it is awesome (and it's stuck on my brain).

♥    Ignore schoolwork for a while.
      And don't even think of getting it out; it would just blow away. Or. Something like that.

♥    Make a photobomb.
      Bombard your unknowing and unprepared readers with pictures of double-chin'ed cats, of Obama knuckle-bumping a random dude, and of sunshine and pretty things.

Gotye State Of The Art

P H O T O B O M B    F O R    A    W I N D Y    D A Y

Perhaps I should get myself a little notebook, scrap-book, diary-type thingy. Or perhaps just write more in my current one. Always wish I had time to do more things like that... Conserving the moment and whatnot.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Du har altså bare sådan en fin og finurlig blog. Med en masse altid fine og finurlige billeder. Nu har jeg fulgt med så lang tid, at nu synes jeg bare du skulle vide det :)


    1. Tusind tak! Hvor er du bare sød :-) Det er altid dejligt at få at vide. Bliv endelig ved med at følge med, det varmer!


  2. Aldrig set en swag som din! (y) ♡
    1. Fandt din blog via et billede af Matt Kolstrup på gooooogle!:3
    2. Kunne like alle dine indlæg via bloglovin'
    Hvis jeg orkede
    3. Men kan da like nogen af dem, så følger jeg dig også lige, også med google friendconnect

    Awkward randomness ':I


    1. Hej Lea,
      Det er altid hyggeligt med lidt akavet randomhed. Hvor er det dejligt, at du gider følge med! Er glad for at du kan lide bloggen :-) Velkommen til!


  3. OMG!!! This is just an amazing blog! Read it everyday even though I don't understand anything of the danish SHIAT!!!
    You are just an awesome girl with a very nice body :) Your blog has become a huge part of my life!

    See you later fruity

    And keep up the good work

    1. Luke,
      Haha, thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like it. And that you tolerate the Danish shiat. Compliment duly noted. Thank you for reading!