Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year // A Toast.

So. Hi.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

I can't believe it's New Year's Eve. Tonight. Almost 2012. Which naturally means that the world will end this year. Naturally. Just like in the movie. Because we believe that. Yes, people are that easy to manipulate and convince.

Of course I don't believe it. But for the sake of pensive thought:

What if the world did end this year? What would we have to look back at? What would I have?

This year has, for me, been all about change. This time last year, I was... different. I know we all say that; it's all very well to feel that "you've like totally changed, and you're like totally in much better place right now, and you've evolved so much both mentally and emotionally"... Anyone can say that. I know that all too well. But I'm sure that many of the young people, that have started at their respective gymnasiums, high-schools, sports schools, carpenter schools, hairdresser training, photography schools, dog-walker schools or whatever you've started this year, will feel the same way. 2011 has been an eventful year for us.

In 2011, I chose Aurehøj, and I got in. In 2011, I prepared endlessly for all my exams, and I passed them without incident, thank God. In 2011, I have kissed both total strangers and my closest loved ones. In 2011, about a year ago for that matter, I got into DR's Girls Choir, and have eventually become one of those girls. In 2011, I have baked cup-cakes, and successfully cooked dinner for the first time. In 2011, I have said goodbye to many friends, and have gained a lot of new ones... mindboggling in numbers and faces, but all of them wonderful. In 2011, I have lost my footing several times; and I'd be hard-pressed to say that I have regained it every time. In 2011, I have seen the last Harry Potter movie and sobbed heartfully in the movie theatre, though I never cry in movies. In 2011, I have learnt to cry in movies. In 2011, I have been to many concerts; experiences of light and color and sound and laughter and music all molded into one, and so many of these experiences, that it's becoming hard to tell them apart. In 2011, I have done things that I regret; embarrassing and awkward things, unkind and mean things, things that I may never be able to take back. In 2011, I have tried to make up for my mistakes. In 2011, I have not doubted love; I have lost all belief in love; and I have begun to feel the budding hope of love again. In 2011, I have laughed... and, unignorably, I have cried. In 2011, I have discovered How I Met Your Mother, Damn You Autocorrect and FMyLifeIn 2011, I have tried to be funny and outgoing; succeeding on the most part. In 2011, I have faltered when I was alone. In 2011, I have taken a tequila shot from a naked boy on a table; I have been driven home at 9pm from a warm-up party (while dressed up as a superhero); and I have found stethoscopes and red garters in my room after the infamous Doctor's Party. In 2011, I have spent every day with my best friends; and I have spent every day apart from them. In 2011, I have learnt many things... though I seem to have forgotten most of them. In 2011, I have gotten to know myself better, and yet, I have no idea who I am. In 2011, I have changed; though to what extent, I'm not sure.

In 2011, I have grown. It's been one year since New Year's Eve 2010. That's 12 months. That's 52 weeks plus one day. That's 365 days. That's 8760 hours. That's 525 600 minutes. That's 31536000 seconds. That's our lives.

Here's to another 31536000 seconds.

Now... If that little speach didn't make you hurl... I'd like to propose a toast. To New Year's Eve; where you hopefully won't spend your evening in the toilet either.

I hope that your New Year will be brought in with style; with glitter, with fireworks that say kaboom, with friends and family, or anyone that can shout out "Happy New Year!" with you. Go kiss some strangers at the stroke of midnight. Drink some champagne that you can't possibly afford. Look fabulous in your glittering dress and your high-heeled pumps; never mind the pain and pressure, you can deal with that tomorrow. Stay up until midnight, to 2am, and to 7am, and stagger drunkenly into bed when you are finally done. Be pretty, no, beautiful, and wonderful, and funny, and witty. Forget the failures of 2011 for one night; there weren't any. There is just the golden memory of the past, and the glittering promise of the future.

So raise your glass. Here's to change and memories of the past. To old and new friends. To losing your footing. To getting back up. To being young, alive and kicking. And to growing up.

Cheers, guys. And Happy New Year.

H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R !

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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