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My Upcoming Spring And Summer

So. Hi.

I hope that you won't think that I'm hopelessly behind on the subject of SS11. I know that it has already been all over the bloggisphere. Hell, already the fashion houses are launching their AW11 collections! I don't know about you, but that just makes me depressed. It's not even properly spring yet, and you want to plan for another winter?? Who would want to think about that now.

I know that many people have the privileges of watching fashion shows head-on, and have the money to spend on these things -- these are also the people, that plan a couple seasons ahead, and can manage the thought of this. I just don't belong to that group. At all.

But I still love everything that has to do with fashion, clothes, fashion events and culure. I think that, due to my age, I'm not included in many (any) of these things. But it will come. As I grow older, I'll grow more aware of fashion, of my own personal style, of how to be pushy at the right time, and of how to be laid-back and play hard-to-get. Right now -- not so much. I'm still young, still inexperienced. But boy, do I love fashion anyway.

So for now, I'm just going to show you some personal favorites for this spring-season, and hopefully some of the items, which shall become mine in the course of the season!

W H A T    I    W A N T    T H I S    S P R I N G

ACNE, Rita Leather Jacket

I've been looking for the perfect leather jacket for a while now. Tokyo Banh Bao talks about her "hunt for the perfecto" on her blog (which I love, bytheway). I'm on a full-fledged crusade for the same thing. I went to try on Acne's Rita model the other day. I like it a lot when it's open -- it has a great edge to it, it seems sturdy, and it has the right length in the body. But the sleeves are a bit too short, and when I closed the darn thing, I looked like a scary dyke. That's the thing with leather jackets. You gotta be careful!

Looks like I'll have to keep looking. Any suggestions for a great black leather biker-jacket?

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, Miracle Tan Leather Boot
JOE'S JEANS, Grey Brenda Wedge

What I'd really like to dress my feet in, is this type of sandal-wedge. I really, really, truly like this style of shoe. I feel like my wardrobe has become insanely mainstream lately, and I think it needs some more edge to it. Well, maybe this type of shoe is what it needs.

I tried on a really cheap pair from Defeated in Flying A today -- they're black, stylish, relatively comfortable, AND best of all, they only cost 400 kr.! So, if you're looking for this type of shoe, but can't afford anything for the big bucks, head down to Flying A, ASAP! I know I just might.

JOE'S JEANS, Princess Platform

Drooly drooly drool. Another, slightly more elegant, less edgy type of sandal for this spring/summer. I find them extremely elegant, and the grey color is to die for. Sadly, I don't know any stores in Denmark that carry the brand Joe's Jeans -- anyone??


Bronze Talon ring
Cage Ring
Arrowhead Double Ring

Loving the not-so-recent collection of rings from Pamela Love. I know I'm hopelessly behind, but you know what they say -- style never dies. I always say this, but this spring and summer, I'd like to wear tons of rings and jewellery. My problem is basically finding cheap, but still awesome-looking jewellery. Am considering ordering some from ASOS. Can this be recommended? Or should I splurge for the expensive stuff?

TOPSHOP, Slouch Shirt Pink / Yellow

Umm. Another thing I'd like to encase my body in for most of the summer is soft silk-type shirts. They don't have to be pricey or fancy -- they just have to look nice and feel good. Topshop's sleeveless addition to this kind of thing seems very appealing to me, mixed with hot days, ice-cream and sunglasses. Umm.

UNIF, America Shirt
Too much? I thought so. But I love it anyway. I've seen Stars and Stripes popping up everywhere lately. Maybe this season I'll have the guts to go back to my roots, and jump into the American flag.

ACNE, Low Rider Ankle Boot
Sigh. The black ankle boot. How can one single boot make basically any pants and/or shorts-based ensemble look... incredible? I have no idea how this works. But they're awesome. And they work for me. As a plus, they're not exactly the most impractical boot in the world, AND you can find many variations in styles and prices in this particular model.

ACNE, Pistol Boots

 I just about didn't add anything describing my feelings on this particular boot from Acne. I just... I can't really describe... well... yum.

Dotted Blouse
White Blouse

Looking for some sort of variation of the light, sheer silk blouse. As I said, it doesn't necessarily have to be of the best quality. But style and look is important. Something loose, maybe with a splash of color (as seen above) but generally just light and calm-looking. These two suggestions from Urban Outfitters look pretty good, I must say, but rumor has it that H&M have some very nice-looking (cheap) models as well for this season.

ASOS, Matt Finish Sunglasses
ASOS, Brown Round Sunglasses
KAREN WALKER, Black Round Sunglasses

I already have a perfectly good pair of Wayfarer's from Ray Ban -- they have served me well, and they are by far my most beloved sunglasses of all styles. But I still can't help but lust after the trend for round sunglasses. If I had my way, I would already own a big, completely round, peach-colored pair. I know I'm crazy. Doesn't really matter where they're from -- I'm checking thrift-stores for candidates, atm.

CHEAP MONDAY, Draped Shorts

I'm liking what I see. This spring, I'm getting a pair of slouchy, soft shorts. They aren't going to be the "I can see your C U  Next Tuesday"-shorts -- I'd rather have them a little longer, like these shorts. Worn with a silk blouse and moccasins, I'll be feeling yummie!

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Yellow Silk Blouse

Yellow? Really?
I didn't think yellow was my color. At all! But I actually really like this super-cute blouse. Some may think that it's butt-ugly -- I get it. But I just see cuteness and awesomeness. I like.

LEVI'S, URBAN OUTFITTERS, Frayed Denim Shorts, Blue / Black

Don't you just feel encouraged to buy these shorts, when you see what a great butt the model has? Props to her.
No seriously. I already have a pair of vintage Levi's shorts, blue, but however, they're not frayed... I know, same difference. But I think that the black pair would probably be more justified for me to buy. Anyways, I like them both a lot, and I think they have a great, positive, spring'n'summery feel to them.

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, Mary Lou Tassle Wedges 

Hey Mary-Lou! Meet my ankles. Ankles, Mary-Lou -- Mary-Lou, ankles.
Love this cute tassle-wedge. Wedges get a little too plain by themselves, I think, so it's nice to see a white, open-toed wedge with tassles on top! And somehow, I delude myself into thinking that they are probably comfortable. Maybe?

TOPSHOP, Studded Kimono Dress

I'm thinking that a silky, black or white dress would suit me well this spring and summer. Can't wait to be able to wear such things again!! Yippee! Well, I really like this model, since it doesn't seem to be completely see-through (a flaw in many other designs) and it seems like the shape would fit my tiny, mouse body just fine. Goodie for me!

TOPSHOP, Black Open-Toe Plateau

An alternative to the slightly uncomfortable heels shown above, is this plateau-style shoe from Topshop. I sincerely doubt that I'll be able to last an entire day in heels, every day of the spring and summer -- and I also doubt that I could even make myself go to school in them at all. But these nice little plateau-shoes would accomplish making me taller, without making me too overdressed. Well done!

Must buy plateau-ballerinas or something like this, for summer....

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Black Ruffle-Top Tights

You wouldn't BELIEVE how hard it has been for me to find a simple, black pair of over-knee socks! The only ones I've found so far, are these, that look very cute on the website, but tacky in the store. I've also found some in Magasin, but they seem flimsy and thin. H&M only had the nylon-version to offer, which is exactly NOT what I wanted. To yes, I'm having a bit of difficulty in finding a pair of black over-knee socks.

I'd really like a pair though -- it breaks the monotony of always wearing nylon tights, over and over again, and it saves you the agony of showing your stark-white, unshaved winter-legs off to the world. But where do I find a suitable pair??

S T Y L E S ,    L O O K S ,    A N D    I N S P I R A T I O N

Hope that I gave you some inspiration for your own summer wardrobe. Personally, I can't wait for a change in weather -- it is UNBELIEVABLY cold in Denmark. Isn't March supposed to be a spring-month?? Oh, well. I guess that the change in season will come eventually. Thank goodness.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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