Monday, September 26, 2011

CRK // Life Is Awesome Because...

So. Hi.

De Eneste To Jeg Har Ikke Lyst Til At Dø

Today was a No Human Contact Day; with few exeptions. Doing Danish paper sent from hell... On Islandic folklore. Just shoot me now. Laughing at with my little sister in her new braces because I'm mean. Getting a chance to quietly read a book in the slowly dimming sunlight. The smell of Betty Crawford cake in our kitchen. Listening to Macy Gray on our stereo. And reminding myself, why life is awesome.

R E M I N D I N G    M Y S E L F    W H Y    L I F E    I S    A W E S O M E

B E C A U S E . . .

♥    Cats smile at you.

♥    I had my last nature-geography class today, and we watched a movie and had cookies.

♥    Cake exists. And buttercream icing.

♥    I go to Aurehøj.

♥    Kings Of Convenience are nice.

♥    I can draw hearts on my lists, when I'm in a bad mood.

♥    This afternoon, it was summer for five seconds. Wonderful five seconds.

♥    My friend nearly killed me from laughing today.
♥    I can get coffee at school before my classes kill me.
♥    There's a superhero-themed party at Aurehøj on Friday. And I'm going as the Powerpuff Girls.
♥    Cold iced tea exists.
♥    I sang a concert in the dark this weekend
♥    My mom promised me a new pair of leather boots. Yummie.
♥    I could sit on my porch in a cushiony chair, read a book, and feel the sunlight on my skin.
♥    The trees have begun to lose their leaves. Soon they will be bright red, flaming orange and bitter yellow.
♥    People show concern and kindness and affection for me every day. Every single day.
♥    I'm incredibly lucky.
Life is awesome. I should try to remember that.
Thanks for listening,
I Am Roseberry.

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