Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Brightens My Day...

So. Hi.

I've told you about those days. You know, my "just one of those days"-days. The days where I want to rip the head off the nearest person; the days where I want to lie down on my bed and cry hysterically, while simultaneously cramming cookies into my mouth; the days where all I want to do is scream and scream and scream until eventually, I turn a nice aubergine-color, stand gasping for breath, and forget the pounding headache that, in that instance, is my life.

I've told you how I solve my issues. Bridget Jones, screaming at my dog, reading Gaffa, stuffing myself with Ben and Jerry's beyond all respectability, crying to How I Met Your Mother, sneaking Nutella sandwiches into my room in the middle of the night, viciously shredding bits of paper, taking deep breaths through my nose, all the while ignoring annoyingly zen thoughts.

I have not, however, told you about those little moments. The moments that can make my mood swing from that black abyss from a flaming Hell, to a mood that reminds you more of a crisp September-breeze in the autumn sun.

Turning on the TV, switching from iCarly or some other crap to something more sane, and realizing that an old rerun of "Friends" is on. The first bite of a Nutella sandwich. A gust of wind blowing up my skirt, and making me laugh for myself. My caller-ID showing the number of my best friend, calling just to see how I'm doing, though I know she's busy doing a million other things. Breathing in the scent of the new (at least to me) Flying A store in Copenhagen. Laughing with a friend, her laugh short and cute like a baby's (hehehe), mine whimsicle and silly like a school girl's at first (hihihi), but then morphing into a manly roar of a laughter (mahahaha). Printing my ticket for The Kooks' concert in Vega, which I bought for myself, though I have absolutely no money what so ever. Coming home late at night from choir to see that my order of CD's from Amazon has finally come, along with my shirt from American Apparel, which I could finally hold after nearly a couple months' worth of giving up.

Little things. Silly things. Seemingly meaningless and insignificant things.

But what can I say. It works for me. "Little minds, little pleasures" I guess.

T H I N G S    T H A T    B R I G H T E N    M Y    D A Y

Blue raglan long-sleeved shirt American Apparel

New shirt from American Apparel has finally arrived. Nice surprise to see it lying, neatly packaged, on my desk, when I came home late from choir.

Junk Of The Heart The Kooks
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? Paloma Faith
Suck It And See Arctic Monkeys
A Different Kind Of Fix Bombay Bicycle Club
Inside In / Inside Out The Kooks

Finding that the 5 CD's I had ordered months ago from Amazon have arrived along with it!

Gaffa Magazine.

Dashing into TP on a Friday night, at the most unpractical moment (before hitting the town with my ladies and booze), just to get the most recent issue of Gaffa.

Re-finding it on my dresser at home, and discovering that it had made it through the night. Fingers itching to turn the pages and swallow all the words...

Short burgundy sheer dress Flying A (sale!)
Cream maxi dress, tight Flying A (sale!)
Black leather skirt Vintage from my mama

New clothes. The smell, the feel, looking forward to wearing them, and slipping them on in the dead of night, just to see if they still fit.

Concert ticket The Kooks playing at Vega

Seeing my printed ticket for The Kooks' concert in Vega (November). Knowing that I haved willingly payed 300 kr. for it, from my own scarce funding, and loving it.

Concert poster DR Pigekoret: Svøbt I Mørke
A concert played in the dark, in DR's Concerthall, where positively all lights are turned off.

Practising (when awake and when dreaming) for the Girls' Choir's upcoming concert this Sunday, reading the music until I want to puke, listening to the same things over and over again, practising harder than ever - and then seeing the poster for our concert. Somehow, it makes it seem more like a "real" concert.

School photos DK Foto

Receiving my school photos in my hand, heart stuttering inexplicably, and realizing that I don't look like a retard, for once.

Smiling. Laughing. Being silly.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. I love your hair and good luck with the concert!

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate it :-)


  3. Looks wonderful! Can we see some pictures of your room? :)

  4. Jeg har end ikke læst hele indlægget, men jeg fik en pludselig trang til at 'scrolle' ned til comment boxen, og kommentere dit LÆKRE hår! Hvad jeg dog ikke ville give for sådan nogle fine krøller (-;

  5. @Anon.: Sure, you can see some pictures of my room. I'd like to change a few things about it though, so it might be in connection with some room-renovation :-)

    @Whenever Im Photographing: Tusind tak, hvor er du sød ;-)

    Hugs / Kram,