Monday, August 15, 2011


So. Hi.

UGH! Sometimes, I just have those days. You know.

Those days where you feel perfectly happy, and eeeeverything's fun, ladidah, and carefree, as you waltz along in your own happy bubble... and then BAM! For no reason whatsoever, except small irritations piling up during your day, that mood is completely wrecked.

It could be your parents telling you off; for staying up late, for not washing your socks, for wearing too much make-up, for wearing the wrong clothes, for eating too much, for eating too little, for having the wrong boyfriend, for not having a boyfriend, for not excersizing, for not doing your home-work, for eating the entire stash of chocolate hidden in the kitchen or for just being a teenager.

It could be your friends getting on your nerves; taking out your books or pencils or calendar or phone or dogleash or cornflakes or hairclips and leaving them in the wrong place, bugging you about your boyfriend, talking too much, talking too loud, spilling coffee on you and laughing, taking your favourite chair right in front of you, PMS'ing at the same time as you, stealing your thunder, or telling you off like a sibling or a parent.

It could be your dog, cat, rabbit, goldfish, horse, parrot, turtle, squirrel, sloth, weasel, donkey, hippopotamus, giraffe, whale, monkey or rat; always squeaking, squawking, ratting, woofing, whining, roaring, purring, scratching, digging, barking, scurrying, sniffing or humping.

It could be anything, really. But when you're in a mood like this, where any small thing can serve as the last straw, there's really no telling what you can do to feel better.

This was just one of those days.

C H I L L    D U D E    . . .

♥   Eat some ice-cream.

♥   Watch "Bridget Jones' Diary", "How I Met Your Mother" or comedy on Youtube.

♥   Drink some iced water and breathe in deeply through your nose.

♥   Bike alone in the dark for about 10 minutes (or longer, if needed).

♥   Scream at some poor, defenseless creature (for example your dog, a cat on the street, the spider in your room, etc.)

♥   Rip a piece of paper into tiny pieces, and throw them all around you. Don't clean them up. Poke a pencil through the paper, and viciously slash at it, if you are feeling extra aggressive.

♥   Call up your best friend, and have her talk about something completely different than what annoys you.

♥   Avoid physical contact with the people you love and do not want to skin alive (i.e. try to gain contact with the people you do want to skin alive)

♥   Take a nap.

♥   Watch sad movies. Cry.

♥   Drink hot chocolate.

♥   Make a GIF where you are making silly faces, and draw hearts instead of bulletpoints on your lists...

♥   Remember that it's okay to be angry. Claim your space, and actually be angry.

That's all I have for now, kiddos. And all I can bear to write. Hope your day was less bittersweet than mine!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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