Friday, August 12, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever

Kanye West Lost In The World

So. Hi.

It's 3am. I'm eating sour candies in my bed, drizzling the sugar all over my comforter. Oh, and I just went to Kanye West's concert in Tivoli!


It was such a wild experience! The swerving lights, the bass vibrating in my chest, the sight of the ballet dancers in their charcoal black dresses, Kanye in his white suit, and hearing the familiar tune of "Golddigger" blasting out of the speakers... It was just... Kanye. Just perfectly, predictably, reliably, and still surprisingly Kanye.

I was sort of worried that Kanye would downscale his concert a bit, since it's only Denmark, and our concert venue is probably much smaller than what he is used to. But even so, I thought Mr. West put on a spectacular show!

There was the fact that, during his entrance, he was lifted above the crowd by a small crane, so that he was standing there over us, rapping to the top of our heads, and our lifted hands. Then there was the moment when the dancers swept out a piece of linen the size of a basketball court, and covered the entire stage, including the band and Kanye himself, in billowing mounds of fabric, while the theme to "Chariots Of Fire" played. Not forgetting the instance the veil was uncovered, and underneath stood Kanye on a big white pedestal, wearing an all-red outfit, standing by his own key-board, playing the intro to "Runaway". Oh, and my favorite part, when I noticed the black-clad dancers as seen in the "Runaway" video flitting across the actual stage, somehow materializing from the screen in my conscience into real life, where they were just as beautiful and delicate and striking as in the video. Wow.

While watching Kanye perform, I forgot that I was alone, that my family had left me in favor of stand off to the side, that it was raining, and that I was wet, and my hands were cold, and I was touching at least 7 strangers simultaneously, while some 8th stranger groped my ass (indeterminably coincidental). I forgot all of that, and I was just in the music. That feeling is really rare, I think, even after all the concerts I have been to. And it was breathtaking.

So, Kanye. Just wanted to let you know that you blew my mind.


Oh and bytheway, I'm sorry for the terrible quality of the photos, as per usual. This time they're taken with my new, slightly less crappy phone; and yet, the photos are still shit. And if you think this is bad, you should see the videos... Or perhaps just hear them. I swear "Golddigger" sounds like an old dog having sex, and an ancient truck revvying up a dying engine. Not exactly classy.

Ah well. I hope you enjoyed the photos and descriptions just as much as I enjoyed the actual concert. Which probably isn't possible, since my enjoyment-level was off the charts, and this post is more or less influenced by the presence of sugar and the lack of sleep.


Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Sounds so amazing!! :)

  2. It really was! Well, I thought so anyway! :-)