Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer 2011 // Photodiary, Oahu

So. Hi.

Travel Journal, Hawaii 2011
Day 5 - Oahu

First Impressions
In Honolulu Airport. Have never seen so many people wearing lays in one place.
Makes me think of that episode of HIMYM, where they go to a Halloween party, and Barney sees a girl dressed in a hula-dancer outfit, and says something like: "What does a guy have to do to get layed around here!"
Bytheway, I wanted to have written the following as my intro:
There is nothing like diving through the layers of clouds, and spotting small dots of blue sky. And feeling the wheels of the plane hit the ground. And stepping out into the airport, and walking through the out-door based gate, and feeling the humid air, the gentle heat, the constant smell of flowers. Seeing people in lays all around you. Waiting for your luggage, and looking around, and feeling that everything, right down to the air and the signs in the airport, is tropical.
*      *      *      *      *

They have the funniest streetnames here on Oahu, Hawaii.
There is always, and I can personally garuantee this, always and a or an i in the names of the streets. And sometimes they have spiced them up a bit with an o or a u, or an exciting e.

Funny streetnames:

Kamehameha Highway

Pokahua Loa

Kenui Rd.

Kupaoa Str.

Pu'ula Rd. (I learnt later that the ' indicates a gluttural stop, sort of like the pause you make in "uh-oh", and that this is frequently used in the Hawaiian language. And, actually, Hawaii is really pronounced "Hawa'ii")

Ke Waena Rd.

Seen on the street:

Cute asian tourists.

Funny streetnames.

Beach loaded with surfers.

Cute surfer abs with unknown owner.

Palms and bushes and all kinds of plants, that looks like it has taken over the entire island!

Hills crawling with plants.

Powerchords hanging just a few feet above our heads.

Hawaiian music on the radio.

View with green hill, meandering yellow beach tucked into the hill, and blue blue blue ocean...

Hawaiians with dark skin and asian-looking eyes, riding their jacked-up Jeeps.

A woman rowing on her surfboard.

Open busstop with waiting Hawaiians.

These huge, red, blooming trees (the flowers are so huge, red and everywhere, that it almost hides the trunk).

Humongously tall trees with small leaves, little palmtrees with big flapping leaves, little bending trees with globose leaves, tall skinny palms, big bushes with red or pink flowers, small trees with an unbelievingly wide treetop, and immesurable amounts of other unidentifiable plants.

Our house! Green, almost khaki, and almost hidden by all the surrounding green plants. (Seriously, a flower is pressed completely up against the window of our car, as we speek!). Oh, it's gorgeous!
*      *      *      *      *

Kings Of Convenience Mrs. Cold

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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