Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's So Great About Aurehøj?

So. Hi.

The main reason that the blog is so quiet nowadays, is that I have started at Aurehøj, the gymnasium of my dreams.

I have participated in my introdays. I have woken up bright and early at 6 AM to face my first day at Aurehøj, too busy and excited to really be nervous. I have met too many people to even vaguely begin to remember their names. I have played awkward and ridiculous games with totally random fellow 1. year's, including, but not limited to, a very intimate game of "cucumber relay". I have participated in, and won, an air-guitar competition in front of the entire school, and now have a trophy to prove its proud tradition. I have met my new class, 1.M, and am slowly working my way through the awkward "hello, and your name is...?"-faze, to something which could actually remind you of a class. I have met some of my teachers, including, but (again) not limited to, my stuttering physics professor John, and funny little geography teacher Eigil. I have overslept a total of 3 times out of 5 schooldays so far, thereby making a mortal enemy of my French-teacher, whom I will now have to spend the remainder of my 3 years at Aurehøj sucking up to. I have eaten lunch with the people from my class, with the girls from my choir, and with complete strangers that somehow have become my friends. I have stood outside under the great chestnut tree in the schoolyard, squinting in the sun, wearing high heeled boots and John Lennon glasses, and feeling like I actually could wear that kind of thing, or whatever kind of thing that I wanted. I have watched students desperately clutching their 8:07 AM cigarette, their noon cigarettes, and their hundreds of 4 PM cigarettes. I have sat at the nearby lake surrounded by students from Aurehøj, drinking a beer in the sunlight while eating chocolate, and playing an unforgettable round of beer relay.

In short: To answer the question, "What's so great about Aurehøj?", I'd have to answer...

Everything. Just... Everything.

6    P I C T U R E S    T H A T    S A Y    I T    A L L

A U R E H Ø J    G Y M N A S I U M ,    1 . M

C L A S S    O F    ' 1 1

I'm looking forward to some great memories to add to the already growing bundle of amazing first-hand impressions. I hope that I'll find the time to write about my life, but... to be honest, I'm too busy living it.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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