Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 Good Ones.

So. Hi.


Sometimes us girls get in a really bad mood. As in a really bad mood. As in raging fires spouting from our mouths, smoke billowing out from our ears, and flesh burning off the corpses of any male creatures that dares as much as glance in our direction.

We just have those days, where nothing and no one should get in our way, if they wish to survive. Since we're not nomads, and we'll eventually have to take contact to the rest of the world, I personally need ways to cool myself down, and make my hormones back the fuck off. Reminding myself that it's not a calamity that I can't find the remote, and that I don't need to break down in tears because there isn't any more Nutella, is just a part of dealing with that. But thankfully, there are things that will get through to me, when the PMS has taken over my brain, and is hogging all the Kleenex and chickflicks I have stored in the emergency-kit called my Sanity.

Sniff. I have some personal favorties ATM. Pass me a Kleenex, and get me some chocolate, s'il vous plaît. Am locking myself in my room with only "How I Met Your Mother" for company.

3    G O O D    O N E S

L O V E    A N D    O T H E R    D R U G S

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal

 Nomatter what mood you're in... If you're a girl, you'll love this movie. Guaranteed. It has just the right amount of sex, love, and Jake Gyllenhaal in it. Mmmh. And, above all, the plot is good, the actors are cute, and it just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling after watching it.

Kleenix are recommended for soft souls. Watch with candy and friends.

T H E    A R R O G A N T

The Rumour Said Fire

A great debut album from the Danish band, The Rumour Said Fire. At first, I really didn't like their music. It struck me as kind of boring, actually. But then I listened to this album... And fell instantaneously in love.

Snacks and a good book are recommended for people with a need for something more intellectual than FMyLife ... which I can also recommend :-) Listen to the CD alone, or as background music for hanging out.

The Rumour Said Fire Passion

B R I D G E T    J O N E S '    D I A R Y

Rene Zellwegger

I love this movie. Through thick and thin, Bridget Jones is always there for me. I love the modest Rene Zellwegger in this (chubby) part, and I love Hugh Grant as the sexy, tantalizing Daniel Cleaver, and I love the arrogant and hilarious Mark Darcy played by Colin Firth. I always laugh, even though I know every line off by heart...

Watch alone or with friends. It's funny nomatter what. I recommend banana w. nutella as movie-time snack.

There was a young woman from Ealing,
Who had a peculiar feeling.
She lay on her back, and opened her crack,
And pissed all over the ceiling.

- Daniel Cleaver

Tata for now, kiddies. Momma needs some alone-time.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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