Friday, June 10, 2011

Here Comes The Sun, Dudududu

So. Hi.

Am unconciously humming "Here comes the sun, dududu..." I have sunny songs stuck on my brain. I like today.

V.'s birthday. Me hapharzardly slapping paper onto wretched giftbox. Chaotically hurling myself out the door at 7:26am. Birthday breakfast with his family and a friend. A gift for V., which I was actually satisfied with. Seeing his smile. He kissed me in front of his parents. Bonding and bonfire with sausages and twistbread (yes, that is a word). Birthday party at a friend's house later. Perfect dress. Ignoring my studying. And sunshine. Most of all, sunshine.
I love vacation. I love sun. I love going out. I love new clothes. I love V. What could make this day better?

Ginger Ninja Sunshine

 Treefight For Sunlight Facing The Sun

The Beatles Here Comes The Sun

Plain White Tees Sunlight

The Kooks Seaside

Ray Charles Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Stevie Wonder You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Oh Land Sun Of A Gun

Blue Foundation Eyes On Fire

Ray Charles You Are My Sunshine
Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Hey. Det øverste billede er det ikke fra :)

  2. Jo, det er det da :) Jeg syntes bare det var så fint og sommerligt.