Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mads Langer

So. Hi.

I haven't had a chance to blog for the last couple of days, due to some strange maintenance-issues with, that prevented me from blogging. So I'm not exactly up-to-speed with my posting. Which is why I have to spend today's post on the concert I went to last Thursday.

I went to see Mads Langer's concert at Store Vega with my favorite concert-buddy, Pernille. We came early, because we knew that the crowds were going to be big. We ordered thai-food, and had our dinner in Enghave Parken, and generally enjoyed ourselves. When we went to Vega, there were lots of people waiting, so we were really glad we came early. And, as luck would have it, we managed to score great places to stand (again). This time, we stood on the second row, right in the middle. Because of this, we had a great view of the supporting bands and, when the time came for it, Mads Langer.

The audience was, to say the least, enthusiastic. At one point, when he started playing his final encore on the piano, he only managed to strike the first chord, when he was interrupted by extremely satisfied cheering and clapping. This went on for a couple minutes, in which he seemed to be both touched and slightly annoyed. He seemed like we wanted us to calm down, so he could just play. This was done with a charming smile on the lips, graceful as always.

The concert in itself was... Well, amazing. Obviously. Mads played a lot of the songs from his new album, most of which I hadn't heard before. But even though I couldn't scream along as usual, I really liked them. His new songs have a bit more edge to them, a bit more depth, and they really take you away to another place (in fact, I ran home and downloaded his album afterwards). But I was still thrilled when he played songs like "Fact - Fiction" and "Judas Kiss" of course. The support was really great too, and the guitar-solos reverberated in my body long after the concert was finished.

After the concert, Pernille and I went to cool off with some drinks, to fill the time in which we waited for Mads Langer to come out and sign our tickets. From our previous experiences we know, that the artist always comes out afterwards, and hands out autographs, and small-talks with his/her/their audience. So, as the stalkers we are, we waited for Mads along with a long line of other fans. And, as always, we were right. We waited in a very civilized manner for our turn (not like for the Dúné concert, where I basically poked and kicked and clawed my way to the front of the line), and when Mads signed our tickets, we actually spoke a little to him. The usual "Great concert!" was in order, and he complimented the audience for our clapping. As we left, he even said "Get home well". I really liked having that short conversation with him, because he seemed so nice and polite. Lovely experience.

All in all, this is yet another great Concert Experience to add to my growing list.

The warm-up band was called something weird like Eddie Kokowski, or at least something with "Eddie" in it. And it wasn't just their name that was strange. The drummer was... without a doubt, the strangest man I have ever had the pleasure to observe. When they presented themselves, he stood up and said: "Hi, we're Eddie Kokowski (?) and we just love love". No, I'm not kidding. Their music was really strange too. It was just these three dudes, laughing their heads off and closing their eyes, playing songs with names like "Koldskål" and "Har du nogensinde set Peter Syvtrin græde?".
Strangest, most awesome band ever.

The supporting artist, Simon Luth, also gave us the pleasure of performing some of his own songs before Mads took the stage. I really liked him. He had a voice that reminded me of an artist, that I still can't place. But he was really good.

When Mads himself went onstage, there was slight pandemonium in the crowd. The stage was completely dark as he stepped in, and started delivering note after note of haunting beauty. This continued throughout the enitre concert.

Mads seems to have lost some of his boyish adolescence, and has started becoming a man. I got a glimpse of this, as he sang one of his songs with more rock-influences, and hammered out an amazing guitar-solo.

The enthusiastic crowd demanded a total of three full encores. It was great to be a part of the tramping, clapping and screaming audience.

Even the more civilised, reserved people on the balcony joined in.

A very satisfied and impressed Caroline Roseberry left with her very own autograph, and a feeling of elation in the pit of her stomach.

Well, as you probably know by now, I just love going to concerts. And Mads Langer's wasn't an exception. I was really impressed by his musical progress and talent, and his kind manners and nerve. The brief conversation I had with him gave me hope, that not all musicians in the rock business are assholes. Maybe it's not even the majority. And that was really nice for me, as it serves as some sort of proof, when I feel my love for rock musicians waver.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry 

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