Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CRK // In La-la Land

So. Hi.

  1. Have been preparing for oral Danish exam for 3 whole hours. My bain has officially gone on strike. Zonked out on my key-board. In La-la Land. Caput. Capiche?
  2. Daydreaming about fooooooooooood :)
  3. This is what I want to be doing:
  4. This is what I'm really doing:
  5.  Am seeing V. later today, so I'm in a great mood!

  1. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase dear sun, come out of the clouds, and stop that damn rain!
  2. Present-shopping for various friends (who all seem to have put their birthdays and confirmations in the same time-period).
  3. Choir (summer-concert approaching).
  4. Eating something yummie.
  5. Waiting for friday to come, where I have the day off.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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