Thursday, May 26, 2011

CRK // My Last Day As Caroline From 9.B, Skovshoved Skole

So. Hi.

  1. Since my "last day of school" is tomorrow, I had my last day of actual school today. Though we haven't exactly been doing much serious work this week, it's strange to know that I will never receive a homework assignment from Skovshoved Skole again. Am almost starting to miss my dictatorial English teacher, or my jokey-"young with the young ones"-"I'm so funny, and don't you know it" Math teacher.
  2. Went to Fest og Farver and Fætter BR with Ida, for the final race to get my costume finished for our show and trip to Dyrehaven tomorrow.
  3. Met practically every 9th grader in the shops, who, like us, had pushed the final costume-shopping until not even 24 hours before showtime.
  4. This included seeing V., whom we helped find his very own gigantic wolf-costume. We all left with bulging bags, filled with different variations of tiny childrens' costumes and animal-suites. 
  5. I now own a Hello Kitty costume, including Hello Kitty hat, pink dress, poofy pink skirt,water bottle, plastic mugs and (last but not least) a pair of borrowed pink Dr. Marten's to top it off.

  1. Last day of middle school ever, as in EVER! After tomorrow, I technically won't have to set foot at Skovshoved Skole again, except for my three remaining exams, and my graduation. Which means that tomorrow is my last day as Caroline from 9.B, Skovshoved Skole. Freaky!
  2. Breakfast with my beloved class, which the 8th-graders have prepared for us (oh, the satisfaction of age-wise maturity....)
  3. Performing our final show with my class, which we have been preparing for the last couple of weeks. I can't even begin to describe how weird it is, that it is our turn to do this. It has been the traditon for every 9th-grade class to perform a show at the end of their school year, for as long as I can remember. And now it's us. Sheesh!
  4. Caramel-throwing! If you're not from Denmark, you're not likely to understand this tradition. I don't even know if students do it all over DK, at the end of 9th grade. But where I live, we get to vigorously hurl caramels in enormous quantities at the rest of the student body. And I have an awesome little Hello Kitty bag, which I'll use to store caramels, and chuck into the wild crowds of screaming children (which I'm fully expecting will be present....)
  5. Going to Dyrehaven with class, school, and, well, pretty much every 9th-grader in the Copenhagen-area. To do what? Drink, mainly. But probably have fun with my classmates one last time. It's not the last time we'll see each other, of course, but still. It's sad. I predict crying, laughing and drinking as the main activities. Afterwards dinner with class, and then "afterparty" (I laugh at the term) at the house of one of my classmates. So basically, a great end to a time at Skovshoved, of which the majority was great as well.
It's really strange, you know. I've been at this school, in this class for 10 whole years. 10 years! That's two thirds of my lifetime spent with the same classmates (with a few additions and subtractions, ofc.)! And even though they drive me crazy sometimes, those cheeky bastards have been my family for the past 10 years. And I'm going to miss them like crazy.

But, knowing that I've gotten in to Aurehøj, the gymnasium of my dreams, and with only 3 exams left, the fact that time is just racing by, seems just bearable. If not completely lovely.

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Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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