Saturday, May 28, 2011

♥ 9.B ♥

So. Hi.

Here's hoping that you haven't judged me to be completely obsessed with a very girly cartoon cat, just by looking at the title of this post. Today isn't about a fluffy white cat: it's about saying a final goodbye to my days as a 9th-grader. And, in case you haven't figured out by now, I ended up dressing up as Hello Kitty for this event (take no notice of the fact that I look like an emo-smiley).

As I wrote yesterday, I just had my last day of school. This included very little school-going, but a lot of show-performing, caramel-throwing, pizza-eating, costume-dressing, horse-drawn carriage-riding, and all-day partying.

The day was just great. At first, the rain was coming down in buckets (just as we were about to ride to Dyrehaven in our open horse-drawn carriage, as a matter of fact) but the weather cleared up during the day, giving way to only small occasional showers.

Our show went as planned, and we got a few laughs in as well, watching the shows of the other classes. But ours wast the best... naturally. Or at least we thought so. Everyone had found ridiculous costumes: our class counted a nun, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, a baby, a cow (complete with utter), a leprechaun, Where's Wally, and Paddington Bear, among many others. After the show, we got to hurl caramels at the crowds of chanting kids (it's amazing what you can get little kids to do and say, once you have the power of candy in your hands). This is an experience I had been looking forward to, since it was me in the flailing and screaming hordes of children, clawing for caramels and colorful candy wrappers. I discovered that it's just as exhilerating and ridiculous as it looks, throwing caramels and chanting "9.B! 9.B!"

One of the best parts of the day, was when our class was sitting in our horse-drawn carriage together, singing every song we could come up with, including some of the childhood favorites from our time together: the Pokémon theme, "On My Way" from the Disney movie "Brother Bear", not to mention an unforgettable performance of Ke$ha's "TiK ToK". Screaming and laughing and singing wonderfully, I'm sure, this was a great start to an afternoon, which continued to be great.

I spent the majority of my time with my class, but also with Ida, Male, V. and other long-time-no-see friends, just generally having a great time. We stayed at Dyrehaven until around 5pm, when some people started to drizzle off home. Several people managed to both sleep and shower before the class dinner (though I managed neither), which we spent at my friend Ida's house, enjoying yummie food and the last of each other's company. After this, we headed over to the house of another classmate, to party on, and continue drinking and keeping our spirits up. Though the night ended in a complete crying-orgie (emotional and/or drunk teenage girls are not to be underestimated for causing complete distress), the day was, all in all, a great goodbye to the school we've spent most of our lives at.

Now, before I go to continue to study for the exams that are constantly looming over me, I'd like to say this:

9.B, my beloved class: We've had our laughs together, and plenty of childhood drama to go with it. We've been with each other, in thick and thin, nearly always there for each other. We have watched each other grow from insecure little brats to cocky teenagers. We've grown together. And though it sounds incredibly corny, I love you guys. And the thought of us being torn apart freaks me out beyond the power of words. But know that our 10 years together haven't been wasted: the little family of 9.B will always have been the best class in history. At least to us.

♥ 9.B ♥


Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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