Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Is Sarcastic.

So. Hi.

I am so completely busted that this post won't involve very much effort. Pardonnez-moi.

The title? Let me explain.

This spring weather in Denmark is driving me absolutely insane. In a good way. One day it'll be cold, wet and gloomy. The next day, the sun will be shining from a cloud-free sky, and the air will feel warm and fresh. I just don't get it. Well, I guess I do. After 15 years of living in Denmark, I've gotten used to the unexplained shifts in weather that occur on a daily basis. With every glimmer of sunlight, and every shimmer of raindrops, it's as if this spring weather is slightly sarcastically remarking how unreliable it is.

But right now, the weather's great. I spent most of my day hanging out in my friend Josefine's garden, where we sat and ate popcorn and drank smoothies. It was so comfortable, I just wanted to lay there and sizzle all day long.

Tommorow, I'm heading up to my summer house in Tisvildeleje. We have a house that's 2 minutes away from the beach, and also close to town. Will be hanging out there with friends and family for the next four days. There's no internet connection up there (AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGG!!) so I'll be detoxing from Facebook, my e-mail, blogging, iTunes, internet shopping and much, much more activities that I can't even bear to think about. I might begin to cry. But it's probably good for me. At least there's a phone connection, thank God.

Since I'm so mindblowingly tired (I apologize for the probably error that may occur in this post, but I nearly can't keep my eyes open), I thought that a bunch of pictures were a good excuse for a post. This way, it looks like I've put a lot of hard work into this, while really I'm sleeping with my head on the key-board.

Buh-bye, darlings.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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