Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer Lusting

So. Hi.


I just can't believe it. It's barely spring -- BARELY I said, mind you -- and already I'm dying in anticipation of summer! All these months of cold and winter, snow and dreary grey weather.... They're finally coming to an end! 

Snowflakes and the seldom frosty, crisp, blue morning. Snow falls and snow men. Icicles and icy toes. Chattering teeth and ears bundled up in anything that resembles something warm. Ouftits that consist of woollen socks and undershirts, thick sweaters, warm tights under jeans, big scarves, fluffy mittens, hats, head-bands, balaclavas and God-knows-what-else... All these things belong with WINTER, a winter that we soon will have to bear NO LONGER. Aaaah.

I can't even describe how much I'm looking forward to summer. Whenever I see anything, that remotely reminds me of summer, I go, "Aaaaaww!" and sigh like I'm in love. Whenever I do something, that could be considered a summer- or spring-like activity, I say, "I can't wait for summer!". Whenever I hear someone talking about summer vacations and bikinis and tans and ice-cream, I just want to melt into a puddle on the floor.

Summer: Please come fast. 'Cause I have it bad! The "Summer Lust" that is.

W H A T    I    L O N G    F O R ,    S P E C I F I C A L L Y

Swimming. Beaches. The sea. Water.
Oh geez, I just want to feel warm water, that doesn't come from a fosset, actually touching my skin! I want to swim in the water, dive, watch the blue sea, get out, dry off, sizzle for a bit, and then leap up, and into the water again! One thing I've missed especially as well, is feeling my toes dig in to the warm sand.... can't you just imagine it? Uhmm. 

Summer evenings. A cool breeze. Being able to wear shorts after dinner.
OOOOOH! The feeling of a cool, but not yet cold breeze, sweeping over you as you walk along the beach at night, holding a cool refreshment in your hand, a little bonfire burning, friends drunkenly hopping around you, dancing with sand between your toes... Summer concerts! I can't wait for those either. Music and laughter and summer and sun just go together, I think.

Floaties, fans, fountains. Lemonade. Rollerblading and people-watching.
Fans. I miss needing a fan, to cool me off. And fountains. I miss watching people spraying water on each other, or just cooling their feet in the fountains around town, not really caring that the water is slightly green and smelly (yes, smelly). Rollerblading! Last summer, my friends and I reverted to our childhood, and took up rollerblading as a hobby for those cool, summer days. I remember the boot sticking to my hot foot, feeling the sweat on my back... it sounds more than gross, but it was so much fun. And all the people you can see! Don't get me started. In winter, they're all covered up by coats and scarves and hats and boots... But in summer, you really get to see every kind of type walking around in flip-flops and shorts!

Ice-cream. Smoothies. Cold treats.
Yum yum yum. Whenever it's summer, my friend Male and I have a tradition for eating ice-cream from ParadIS just about every day. And smoothies. Now, I may not be a good cook -- but smoothies, I can do. Girl knows her frozen berries. There's just something incredibly tantalizing about sitting and sipping a cold smoothie, slurping a strange ice-drink, or waffling down an ice-cream.

Summer clothes. Wearing white. Shorts and skirts that are really too short.
I love summer clothes. I love looking at them, I love buying them, I love touching them, and I love smelling them. But most of all, I love wearing them. Shorts, short skirts, dresses, flip flops, sandals, bikinis, swimsuits, sunglasses... you name it. I like it. I love the feeling of biking down Strandvejen, feeling the wind in my face, wipping my hair back and forth, wearing only a bikini, shorts and flip-flops. Sunglasses. I love them. Everything becomes more summery with sunglasses on.

Swimsuits, sexy abs, and summer flirts.
Ahaaaaa. Last, but certainly not least! This is one of my favorite parts of the summer: the time, where abs come out! After being forced to stay imprisoned by shirts and sweaters for months at a time, these small daily miracles embrace the sun (and the boring stare of my eyes) when summer finally arrives! Uhm, I love me a saucy male in swimming shorts! Haha. But hey, I'm sure that you don't mind us girls wearing bikinis either!

I think that just about covers what I love about summer. What I look forward to with manic enthusiasm. Did I hit some of your favorites as well?

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Jeg når at dø inden sommeren kommer... Bare pågrund af længsel!


  2. HAHAHAHA! Det håber jeg da ikke. Bestemt ikke!

    Hvem skal så fråde ParadIS med mig, gå på stranden, og slikke solcreme af lækre drenges maver?? Det tror jeg da vist lige er dig.

    - Carrie