Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Land!

So. Hi.

Her name is on everyone's lips. Have you heard of her? Oh, I'm sorry, what am I asking? Of course you have. Oh boy.

 O H    L A N D 

All right now. Don't get your panties in a knot. Don't have a fit. I know I'm slow at blogging about these things. But here she is.

Oh Land, otherwise known as Nanna Øland Fabricious, the new media-darling and trend-setting pop-singer. Even the word "pop" makes me cringe with horror and shame -- but I have to say, Oh Land takes "pop" to a whole other level for me.

HER MUSIC? Dreamy pop, I would say. She's sort of like a tantalizing mixture between Björk and Lykke Li. But then again, when did it become my job to define the undefinable?

HER STYLE? Dreamy as well, minimalistic with refined details, and a big blond head. Just as we like it.
I'm really seeing a sort of trend in the female pop-industry lately. It's all becoming more alternative, dreamy, and the female singers that are becoming popular now, are all very "different" in that very fashionable way. Take for instance women like Lykke Li, Fallulah and, one of my favorite singers, Adele. Usually, maybe a bit disrespectingly, I scold the genre "pop" and all of its followers. Mainstream simply does not belong in my vocabulary, or on my iPod. But somehow, the female pop-singers are morfing into something undefinable, alternative, and genuinely authentic. And ooooooooooh do I relish this idea! For months and months, I've been basically crying every time I turned on the radio. But now? Well, it's getting better.

What I really like about Oh Land, is that she has such a strong will. I don't know if I'm the only one that been bothering to read the interviews with her -- check Gaffa, MS and Soundvenue, and loads of others -- but she's one hell of a stubborn lady. She has dragged in raving review after raving review, been featured on David Letterman with her song, "Sun of a Gun", been offered to warm up for Shakira and refused, and become the buzzing-buzzing-buzzing sensation in The City that Never Sleeps overnight! I barely heard her name once, before she was all over! She has litterally been everywhere I look for the last couple of weeks. Props to her for robbing our attention like that! But my point is this: what she says most, is that if she wants something, she knows that she is going to get it -- but not because it's all handed to her, but because she works hard. And that definitely earns my respect.

Oh Land - you have all my respect.

Oh boy, Oh Land! Come on -- she's extremely talented. You have to admit that. And it makes it even better, that she is from my home country, Denmark. Yes!! It's great that a female Danish artist is getting all this media-attention. The fact that she sets us Danes in such a flattering light is just another plus, for me.

In my opinion, Oh Land is a very allegiable suggestion, of who will define and refine pop-history. At least in my world, she has changed something, that is basically carved out of stone in my heart: my loathing for pop is loathing no more.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Synes altså at din blog er super fin. Meget personlig og utrolig velskrevet! :) P.S Hang on - tror vi er mange læsere her ude som ikke er under din "faste læsere" rulle

  2. Tusind tak. Det er jeg virkelig glad for at høre! Også godt at vide, at jeg får noget støtte derude.
    Håber du bliver ved med at læse mine indlæg -- det gør mig så glad :) Kram.

    - Carrie