Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Light

So. Hi.

The light is what we strive towards. What we try to get to. Light is what we associate with happiness, with things that are easy or carefree, with warmth and positivity. When I think of light, I think of the sun. The big, warm, yellow sun, shining constantly on a blue sky. And when I think of light, I think of feeling happy. Somehow, I'm always more positive and happy in the light. Even a dreary grey winter's day can look so much better with a ray of sunshine.

Though The Dark is a blessing in it's own way, and I'm sure I wouldn't be happy without it... The Light is my favorite. I love things that are warm, fun, positive, happy, smiling, shiny, bright, clear, and generally light. While my clothes are often black, and I like to stay up late into the night, and get up late in the day... The light is what keeps me going, makes me happy, and what I connect with happy things.

To me, light is biking down the beach, the sun in my eyes, a warm breeze in my face, my sunglasses sliding down my nose, half-blinded by sunlight, laughing, smiling, happy. Light is summer. Light is laughter.

I experience the dark and the light, all day every day, and I love different things about the two. And I'm glad they're both there. Without the dark, light wouldn't truly be light. And the dark would never truly be darkness, without the light.

Here is my photography post about The Light.


I hope that you liked this series of pictures. I'm not trying to be snobby or sound like I'm vastly experienced or anything -- I'm trying to be poetic. Hope that it worked out for you.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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