Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dark

So. Hi.

Picked a shit-load of images to share with you guys. But I have so many, that I have decided to divide them into 2 categories: The Light and The Dark.

So, here it is. The Dark. Sometimes it surrounds us, engulfs us, completes us. In the dark we can find peace, we can become scared, we can say those little truths, that we never dared say before. The dark can be a comfort, a relief. Sometimes, just blacking out is what's best. On those days where everything is grey, and all you want to wear is black, it almost feels good to surround yourself in darkness. Something about this darkness seems appealing to us -- what is it about the dark, that lures us in, that makes the darkest part of us even darker? Who knows.

I hope that you will find some personal favorites amond this infinite selection of mine. Next time, I'll be posting some pictures of The Light.



Thanks for looking. I hope that you got something out of the collection of pictures. I think they're all wonderful, each and every one. But what do you think?

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry

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