Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lust List February: Basics and Faves

So. Hi.

Before I officially start the post, I'd like to scold my readers -- yes scold -- I don't see any votes ticking in on my poll! Bad readers, bad! No, just kidding of course. But seriously. With only one vote after a couple of days, I feel highly insignificant. Please feel free to vote anytime, anywhere, anyone. It doesn't matter if you know me personally, if you're here by accident, or if you're just one of my stalkers -- vote for what I should post more of on le blog. After all, I'm just trying to please.

Now. To the real reason of posting.

CPH Fashion Week raced past me before I even had the chance to realize where it was going. So sadly, I can't tell you about my amazing fashion-week-experiences, because.... well.... there weren't any. I feel like I should probably have raced in to town with leather tights, Jeffrey Campbell's, a big fur coat and Jackie Kennedy sunglasses on, while waving a large banner saying "Donate to broke, fashion-loving student!". Sadly, I didn't do any of these things, as I was hopelessly buried in school work and other activities too boring to say out loud.

But while I missed CPH Fashion Week, my love for fashion and shiny new things still burns strong. So I thought that another Lust List was in order -- it is a new month, after all. It's probably very similar to last month's Lust List, for example because of the standard black Lita boot from Jeffrey Campbell. But this month, I can add some nice leather jackets from ACNE and Alexander Wang (in my dreams) to my list. Enjoy!

I'll be posting some random personal posts soon. Beware of "What I Had For Lunch" and "My Outfit" and "My Favorite Make-Up and Nail-Polish" !!!!!

So.... here's my Lust List for February.

L U S T    L I S T    F E B R U A R Y


Urban Outfitters: Paisley Knit Ruana (also known as a shawl?)
Uhmmmm. Like the cosy psychedelic feel this comfy shawl has to it. Would love to exchange my enormous Fjeldræv for something like this, sometime, someday, when my arms don't freeze off from taking a step outside.

ACNE: Aviator Jacket
Uuuuh, aaaah, eeeeeek. I love it. Can't say it enough: L O V E I T !

ACNE: Rita Leather Biker
Isn't this just rock n' roll? It's just so sharp and chic, and actually, exactly what I've been looking for. Hmm. Perhaps this baby might actually end up in my closet (my physical one, not the one that exists in my head).
Alexander Wang: Soft Leather Blazer
This is another alternative to the leather-jacket of my dreams. I'd like to be able to wear it all over, including inside. This soft leather blazer makes for a good alternative to the classic black-fabric model.

ASOS: Faux Fur Leopard Coat
Loving this soft-looking coat. Especially on that cutie-pie of a model! Well, I have a thing for softness and cuteness, and this winter coat combines both.

C O M F Y    S W E A T E R S
Club Collection: Oversize Blue Cashmere Sweater
I'm in a snuggly mood. And for those days where you just want to stay in bed, but you are forced to put on some clothes and get your ass to school, a sweater like this is perfect. It's not like it lacks style, and it's still ultra comfortable.

291 From Venice: Black Sweatshirt
Another comfy sweater for one-o-those-days. This has a more boyfriend-grunge-snuggle look to it, and it's definitely a basic sweater I cannot live a second longer without. Not necessarily from this particular brand, but a comfy basic sweatshirt is about to find a happy home with me.

Topshop: Oversize Sweatshirt
Oh now, this looks yummie. But I sense a pattern forming. Oh dear, I feel like I'm becoming the sweatery sort. Must find chic details to pair endless supply of sweaters with!


ACNE: Davi Slouch Pants
Now I've talked about comfy sweaters. Now it's for the comfy pants. I just adore these particular black slouch pants from Acne -- they look completely comfortable, and stylish at the same time. Props to Acne!

ACNE: Kex Leather Pants
Now, these don't look very comfortable, do they? I don't own a single pair of leather pants and/or tights -- I know, at this point, how is it possible? But these look pretty darn good, if I may say so myself. But I wonder if there's a cheaper escape from leather-starvation?

ACNE: Black Panelled Jean
These near-basic black jeans from Acne just caught my eye. Like the detail of the panels!

Cheap Monday: Second Skin Black Jeans
I can't believe that I don't own a single pair of simple, black jeans. Yikes. Must buy PRONTO! Cheap Monday is usually the way to go for cheap, basic jeans.

T O    B U Y    O R    N O T    T O    B U Y ?

Jeffrey Campbell: The Lita Boot.
Hello my darlings. I've been aching for these boots for ages, but frankly, I'm losing interest. I gotta buy them now, if ever! But they're still my favorite boot in the world.

Ah yes. This month is filled with nice surprises. So much to buy, so little time (and money)!

Stay tuned for los updatos personalos and an upcoming pre-concert post!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry