Thursday, December 2, 2010

High-Fiving Mattias Kolstrup, DÚNÉ !!!!

So. Hi.


Went to the most awesome concert yesterday. Together with my two friends, Male and Pern, I went to Store Vega, to see one of my favorite bands, Dúné, play. Vega is one of the best places for concerts, at least in my opinion, so I was completely psyched about this concert. Not to mention because of the fact that I am a complete groupie-like fan of Dúné! I have spent an awesome night at one of their concerts before, screaming and dancing and sweating like a lunatic. But that's another story. This story is about how I became face to face with one of my biggest idols:

M A T T I A S       K O L S T R U P

Okay, I'm gonna have to break it to you: I am completely in love with him, no matter what people might say about him! Don't you dare contradict his Hotness. He is amazing.

His cute, grungy look, and his long, curly hair (yum) makes him really attractive -- but that's not all. It's actually mainly because he's such a good performer, that he's so hot! I can tell you very many good things about the band, Dúné: They are an amazing band to listen to, regardless of what mood you're in. They are phenomenal when you see them live. Their young, hip rock has captured me with the force of an extremely musical hurricane. But I can't compliment the band, which is one of my favorites, without also adding Mattias to the compliment. My oh my.

Mattias is so sexy on stage! He has an amazing stage-presence, and I love the way he just rocks out with the music. He's a good dancer too, which he shows to his full extent at their concerts. I have had the pleasure of going to two of their concerts now. One word: AMAZING.

Their concert, which I went to yesterday, was completely mindblowing. I must admit, this was one of my best concert experiences ever.

First of all, the music was really cool, of course. I love the way they use their amazing stage presence to get the entire audience to move! I can't emphasize how great it is, to stand in the crowd and look up at the faces of Mattias and Ole and all the rest.

Second of all, I was feeling really enthusiastic. In the start of the concert, when the group came out, I made the shape of a heart with my hands -- and Mattias saw it! I was so happy! I started screaming "MATTIAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!" at the top of my lungs! My voice is completely busted today, oops. At first, no one shouted with me... then, a while in to the concert, my friend Male started screaming "MATTIAAAAS!!" as well! After a while, we had tons of girls screaming his name! It was so cool.

So, after this completely ludicrously fantastic concert, we stepped out to wait for my mom, who was picking us up.... While waiting, we noticed a big group of girls standing in the corner of the room, where they were selling T-shirts and posters. We noticed that there were cameras flashing. At exactly the same time, the three of us realized, that all the members of Dúné were RIGHT THERE! In the same room! So close to us! They were handing out autographs and everything! OMFG! Of course, we ran over there. After having shoved my way to the front (yes, I'm a bully, hehe) I went straight for Ole Bjørn, the keyboard player of the band. He is so cute too!

Ole of Dúné

So, when I asked for Ole's autograph, he was really nice -- just like a shy boy from Jutland is supposed to be, haha. I even had an actual conversation with him! I said thanks for the experience and all that, and how amazing it was to be in the crowd. He even told me how intense it was on stage! So cool! He signed my ticket "Ole" in an elligible writing, and then drew a heart! Eek!

After I had attacked him verbally, I proceeded to my most wanted target: Mattias. I just can't believe that I stood face to face with one of my biggest idols! I was so nervous, ridiculously, so when I asked for his autograph, my voice was tiny and mouselike. I was even stammering a bit, when I told him how amazing their concert was -- I think I said something like "It's just a great experience every single time I see you live!".
Mattias leaned closer to me as I talked (can you believe it??) and he smiled and replied and everything. I was so close to fainting. And then, when I thought I would piss myself from excitement, he lifted his hand in to the air -- O M G -- it took me a while to figure out. BUT! He gave me a high-five! MATTIAS KOLSTRUP, the sexy, handsome, awesome, cool Mattias Kolstrup, voluntarily touched my hand!!!!!

I don't think I'll ever wash my hand again. I can now die a happy woman. I'm going to every single one of their concerts from now on!

This is the cover of their newest album, Enter Metropolis. 

Mattias together with the lead singer of Turboweekend, Silas Bjerregård 

I'm never getting rid of the autographs I got. The little squiggles on the page were written for ME, specifically for me, by the musicians I love! I have got to frame it or something....!

Looking forward to tomorrow -- I'm actually going to another concert in Vega! This time, it's with The Floor Is Made Of Lava, a very awesome band. I don't think any other band can live up to Dúné from now on, but I'm still excited.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Wow, hvor er du heldig! (: Ja, det var en fantastisk koncert!
    Hav en god tfimol koncert i aften, og hils dem fra mig(;

  2. Ja, jeg blev så glad! :) Det skal jeg nok

  3. Jeg elsker Ole og Mattias :D
    Det var mega epic, jeg er stadig lykkelig! 8D

  4. Fail at jeg så har stavet Mattias' navn forkert gennem hele bloggen...... Jeg undskylder! :D

    Men ja, jeg er også stadig helt høj efter det :)

  5. Replies
    1. Det var egentlig også bare det bedste i verden. Hvor er det egentlig lang tid siden!