Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas..... and a Whole Bunch Of Other Things.

So. Hi.

I know it's a bit early, but I have got to be a little ahead of the curve of course:


It's all over. Already. In inner Copenhagen, the Christmas lights are out on the streets. Hanging between the buildings are big red heart and glowing yellow stars, illuminating the paths of the freeeeeezing Danes and tourists. In the windows of the shops, there are decorations galore: teddybears in Christmas hats, variations of Santa and his elves all around, "Winter Wonderland" displays with snow, glitter and (my favorite) Christmas merchandise. It's the time of the Christmas Wish List.

Here is mine! Just a note: these are the things I would wish for if I could have any of the (material) things that I wanted! Don't worry -- I will never get all of this, haha.

I want him! I wonder if he would consider being my personal sex-slave? ;)

Doesn't this soft khaki jacket from Abercrombie look absolutely fabulous?

I can't decide between these two shirts from A&F! They're both pretty awesome, I think.

A gift certificate from is a standard wish from me, I'm afraid. I can never seem to get enough music! It's perfect for me with a discreet certificate for 100£ ........ hehehe.

From American Apparel, I would love to own this cosy hoody in the color "Forest".

This sheer black shirt from Cheap Monday can be bought in  both Cheap Monday, Urban Outfitters, and Weekday. And I love it.

OMG. I touched these awesomely cute slippers in Topshop today, and died from softness. Why hasn't it occured to me before, that I simply must own a pair of poofy, soft white slippers???

The Book "Fragments" is a collections of "poems, intimate notes and letters", all written by Marilyn Monroe. I read a long article and a preview about it -- I think it sound really good. I have always respected her as a woman.

While surfing on Urban Outfitters' internet page for cute winter stuff, I found these -- adorable, right?

Henrik Vibskov weekend bag. Need I say more?

Boxset of "How I Met Your Mother" seasons 1-5. Its awesomeness speaks for itself. But where is season 6?

Apple dock for my iPod classic -- I have been desperately wanting for it to be hooked up to my stereo for some time now. This is the solution. Bless you, Apple!

Classic Apple headset for said iPod classic. I annihilated my first pair recently (the whole thing split apart in three ways at the bottom) so I'm lusting for a new pair. Can you believe that they cost 300 kr. a piece? 

Extremely fabulous rock-and-roll khaki jeans from Topshop.

Beautiful cuff bracelet from Urban Outfitters. Found it on their website. I think it belong perfectly in my wardrobe, thank you!

Extern blitz for my camera. Two reasons: a) I can take better pictures with a flash, and b) I can make my camera look like a Transformer!

A- to the -mazing cape-type-thingy from Topshop. Also found this on their webshop, and scouted it out in their real-life store today. Unfortunately, it is the "Tall" department, so I will be able to wear this particualr garment when hell freezes over. Did I mention that I am short, by the way?

Uuuuuuh. Aaaaah. So prettyyyyyy. Boots from Urban Outfitters.

Is a faux fur in a leopard pattern from UO too much for me? I don't know. But I love it, for some reason!

Hm. My friend has this cardigan in a cream-color...... Oh well! I like it anyway.

Absolutely adorable cream-colored sweater from Urban Outfitters.

Drool. You belong to meeeeeeeeeee! Awesome rock-and-roll style bag from UO.

Aren't these tights awesomely Christmas'ly cute??? Also from UO.

Mmmmh. This looks like a nice bathrobe to curl up in on a cold winter morning. And it's even in that fabric, which they always use to make those ludicrously soft socks! From H&M.

Aaaaah. The Jeffrey Campbell Lolita boot. Aaaaaaah. Just think how tall I would look in these babies!

It doesn't have to be from this specific brand -- but a baseball jacket, preferrably in this lucious burgundy, I shall have!

That's all for just now. I hoped you enjoyed watching me splurge in my mind!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Oh my cardigan! It is so lovely... just like all of your other wishes! :D <3

  2. Haha, I know :) I really like it in the red color too. I know, I really found some awesome stuff this year!