Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Floor Is Made Of Lava - YAAAUZA, I Burnt My Feet

So. Hi.

It's going to be pretty hard to top the last concert-post I made. If you haven't read it already, Dúné was pretty fucking awesome. But. I'm going to try and compete with Wednesday's concert, by describing to you the wildest concert I have ever been to. In. My. Life. May I introduce to you:

T H E    F L O O R    I S    M A D E    O F    L A V A

They are completely and utterly awesome. And Tobias Kippenberg, the lead singer, is smoking hot!

Last Friday, I went to their concert in Vega. Holy smokes -- that was really a wild experience! Seeing The Floor Is Made Of Lava play was like watching someone throwing all their inhibitions off the stage, and handing off parties like free candy.

I went to see their concert with my best concert-friend, Pernille (whom I also went to see Dúné with). We came really early, so that we could get great places to stand. We had roughly the places as I had, when I went to see Beach House -- at the very front of the crowd, right in front of the stage, a little of to the right. These places were, obviously, great for watching the band play -- but terrible in any other way. We were standing right by the loud speakers, and by the time the warm up band, Mescalin, Baby, had finished, my ears were blown to bits. To add to the displeasures, the people behind us were so drunk, that they were practically lying drooling on top of us. Hm. No wonder we decided to move.

Once we moved into the middle of the crowd, things heated up: The Floor Is Made Of Lava were onstage, everyone was rocking out with them, jumping up and down, screaming and having a great time. Pernille and I were completely thrown by the intense mood in the centre of the crowd!

As I said before, things got pretty wild! We were standing next to a group of young men, who were all drunk off their asses of coure. One of the guys, the most enthusiastic one, motioned me over to him -- I had my suspicions, but I "jumped" in his direction. The next thing I know, he's putting his head between my legs, and is lifting me up over the crowd so that I am sitting on top of everyone!! OMG! I can't even begin to say how surprised I was! It was great, if not a little strange!

Afterwards, the crowd really heated up: the dancing grew wilder and wilder, Pernille and I nearly got separated AND smushed at the same time, everyone was sooooooo drunk, and things were generally freaky. Then, to the crowd's amazement, the lead singer, Tobias Kippenberg, takes a leap off the stage, into our awaiting arms, Superman-style! I swear, when he dove, he flew straight over my head! Both Pernille and I groped his sweaty, gorgeous stomach! I tried to rip his shirt off in amazement, and Pernille swears that she got her hand up his sweaty armpit. Uhhmmmm. This normally wouldn't be a plus. But Tobias is haaaaaaaaaawt!

Oh yeah. I touched his sweaty body.

Of course, this is were the abnormally large men jump into the middle of the crowd, and we are completely trampled. We managed to stay together though, we managed to stand up and avoid the flailing limbs of strangers, hell, I didn't even lose my headband. I did, however, have a whole glass of beer spilled all over my hair. Yum. This I discovered halfway through the freak-out, but by then I was like: "YEEAAAAAH BEER RULES; THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA; YEEEEAAAAH DUUUUDE! YAAAUZAA!"

During this massive freak-out, Pernille managed, by some incredible streak of luck, to catch the drum stick, which was thrown in to the crowd! Naturally, we wanted it signed, so after the concert, we hung out at Vega to wait for the band. When we finally found them, there was already a huge line; but that didn't stop us.

I managed to get:
  • autographs from the ENTIRE band
  • a conversation with the bass player
  • a high-five from the bass player
  • a conversation with the drummer
  • an autograph scribbled by a very drunk Tobias on my very own SIGNED CD
  • to watch Pernille have her little drum stick signed by the entire band. The drummer even said to us, "This isn't even worth 5 cents!"
So, The Floor Is Made Of Lava. I just want to say thanks, for yet another AMAZING concert experience, which I can add to the rest. This has just been a great concert-week for me! How cool would it be, if I could get to do this every day?

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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